Digitize Your SOPs and Say Hello to Amazing KPIs

SOPs (standard operating procedures) are essential to any successful business. And together with the right CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) to automate your SOPs, you will improve your company’s preventive maintenance.

SOPs are step-by-step instructions outlining the specific tasks and routines needed to complete a particular process or workflow. By providing precise and detailed instructions, SOPs help to ensure that team members perform their tasks correctly and efficiently. This helps improve the overall quality and consistency of your company’s maintenance program.

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SOP Benefits

SOPs are an essential tool for any organization looking to improve the quality and consistency of its work. When integrated into a maintenance program, SOPs can help to reduce the risk of errors and miscommunication, automate processes, and improve the overall health of your company’s equipment. So whether you’re creating a new SOP from scratch or updating an existing document, take the time to carefully plan and organize the information to produce a high-quality SOP that will be useful for your team members and stakeholders. In addition to improving the quality and consistency of your maintenance program, the benefits of SOPs include the following:

Reducing Miscommunication and Errors

By providing clear and concise instructions, SOPs help reduce the risk of miscommunication and errors within and across your teams. SOPs help ensure everyone is on the same page when completing tasks and following processes. This is especially important for new employees who may need to become more familiar with the organization’s policies and procedures. In addition, SOPs help new employees quickly and effectively integrate into the team and start contributing to your company’s success.

Automating Maintenance Workflows

Another benefit of SOPs is that they can help to automate specific maintenance processes and workflows. SOPs guide employees through complex processes and tasks. They reduce the need to spend time and effort figuring out how to complete a particular task independently. This can help streamline processes and save time. Automated workflows are particularly valuable in industries subject to strict industry regulations or requiring high-quality control levels.

Auditing Quality of Work

In addition to helping to automate processes, SOPs are a starting point for quality assurance and audits. Provide a clear and detailed record of the steps to complete a particular process. SOPs can help you evaluate the quality of a maintenance team’s work. As such, the audits help identify areas for improvement and ensure that you are meeting quality control standards.

“With Computerized Maintenance Management Software or CMMS, monitoring compliance is simple. Manufacturers can automate SOP completion and preventive maintenance operations to enhance the quality of products. Critical data, metrics, and checklists are easily accessible for inspectors and managers.”
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Use CMMS to Enhance SOPs

A CMMS is an invaluable tool for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of planned maintenance activities. A centralized platform for managing and tracking these activities, a CMMS can help reduce the risk of errors. Likewise, a CMMS improves communication and coordination among team members and optimizes the use of resources.

Automate Scheduling and Track Progress

A key benefit of using a CMMS is that it allows you to schedule and track maintenance and repair activities in real time. This helps ensure that your maintenance teams maintain equipment and facilities correctly. This allows you to address any potential issues before they become more severe and costly to repair. A CMMS can also improve your recordkeeping and documentation of maintenance activities. During inspections, this recordkeeping is invaluable for compliance and regulatory purposes. Furthermore, a CMMS like MaintainX offers easy integrations with your EAM, EAP, and other business software solutions across industries.

Improve Communication and Collaboration

A CMMS like MaintainX can help to improve communication and coordination among team members. Everyone involved in a particular task is aware of their responsibilities and the status of the work being performed. MaintainX, by the way, is the only CMMS on the market that offers in-app chat capabilities.

Optimize Resources

A CMMS can optimize the use of resources, including equipment, spare parts, facilities, and personnel. By providing real-time data and analytics on the status of maintenance activities, a CMMS can help you identify improvement opportunities and make more informed decisions about how to allocate resources by providing real-time data and analytics on the status of maintenance activities. This data can help reduce costs, manage supply-chain challenges, and integrate lean maintenance strategies.

MaintainX Asset Maintenance History

CMMS Facilitates SOP-Driven Preventive Maintenance

Schedule and Track Preventive Maintenance

By providing a centralized platform for scheduling and tracking maintenance activities, a CMMS is an essential tool for companies looking to implement a preventive maintenance program. A CMMS can help ensure that your teams perform preventive maintenance tasks regularly and consistently In turn, this can help reduce the risk of equipment and facilities breaking down and will improve overall reliability and performance.

Reduce Downtime

One of the critical features of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is its ability to support and facilitate preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is regularly inspecting and servicing equipment and facilities to identify and address potential issues before they become more severe and costly to repair. By implementing a preventive maintenance program, organizations can help extend the useful life of their equipment and facilities, reduce the risk of unexpected downtime, and improve their operations’ overall performance and reliability.

Provide Real-Time Data and Analytics

A CMMS can help organizations optimize preventive maintenance activities by providing real-time data and analytics on the status of equipment and facilities. By analyzing trends and patterns, organizations can identify potential issues or opportunities for improvement. For example, a CMMS can help to identify the root cause of the problem and suggest potential solutions. This can help organizations make more informed decisions about allocating resources and prioritizing preventive maintenance.

MaintainX Asset Status and Reliability Reporting

CMMS Track and Measures Maintenace KPIs

Analyze Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are specific, measurable, and actionable metrics that are used to evaluate the performance of a particular process or activity. For example, in the context of maintenance, common KPIs include equipment availability and uptime, the number of unplanned downtime events, the average time to complete a maintenance task, and the overall cost of maintenance activities. By tracking these and other KPIs, organizations can better understand the effectiveness and efficiency of their maintenance programs and identify areas for improvement.

A CMMS can be an essential tool for organizations tracking and measuring their maintenance KPIs. A CMMS can help organizations collect the data needed to calculate and analyze their KPIs. For example, a CMMS might provide data on the frequency and duration of maintenance tasks, the number of equipment failures, and the overall cost of maintenance activities. Common KPIs tracked by CMMS include Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and Planned Maintenance Percentage (PMP).

Track Performance Goals

In addition to providing data and analytics, a CMMS can help organizations set and track performance goals for their maintenance activities. By setting SMART goals, organizations can establish a clear target for their maintenance programs and monitor their progress toward achieving them. In addition, a CMMS can provide the tools and capabilities needed to track progress toward these goals and help organizations identify and address any challenges or obstacles that might prevent them from achieving their targets.

By defining SOPs that need to be followed to complete the task, organizations accurately measure and track their maintenance activities’ performance and identify improvement opportunities.

Mobile-First MaintainX

Get MaintainX to Maximize Your Preventive Maintenance SOPs

MaintainX is a cloud-based asset management platform that helps businesses track and maintain their assets. It enables users to quickly create and manage preventive maintenance schedules, generate work orders, track inventory, and monitor asset performance. Additionally, MaintainX’s Global Procedure Library houses thousands of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to help users ensure that their assets are functioning properly and that they are meeting their objectives. MaintainX’s robust reporting feature provides a KPI dashboard that you can tailor to fit your company’s goals.


How long does it take to implement MaintainX?

For the average customer, it takes three weeks to implement one site. For customers on our Premium & Enterprise plans, our team ensures a smooth transition to MaintainX within your organization. Partner with a dedicated implementation specialist through our structured three-week onboarding process. Learn more about our Implementation services here.

Is MaintainX secure?

MaintainX is compliant with security standards, including SOC 2, ISO 27001 & GDPR. It also supports Single Sign-On (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and custom permissions and roles. For more information, visit our Trust Center page.

Does MaintainX support multiple sites?

Yes, MaintainX Enterprise allows you to manage multiple plants or facilities within the same platform. You can also create customized reporting dashboards to track KPIs across multiple sites on the same screen.

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