Support Policy

MaintainX Support Policy

Last Revised: Feb 12th, 2024

This Support Policy describes the terms and conditions under which MaintainX provides support services for MaintainX’s computerized maintenance and management software as a service platform (hereinafter, the “MaintainX Platform”).  This Support Policy is incorporated into and forms part of the MaintainX Terms of Service Agreement or Master Services Agreement, or other or other written or electronic agreement (hereinafter, the “Agreement”), entered into between MaintainX and the Customer (as defined in the Agreement). If there is any conflict between the terms of this Support Policy and the terms of the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement will take precedence. Any capitalized terms not defined in this Support Policy will have the same meaning given to such term in the Agreement.

1. Scope of the Support Services

The MaintainX support team provides Customers responsive and attentive remote technical and operation support in accordance with this Support Policy for the use of the MaintainX Platform based on the Support Level purchased by Customer as specified in the applicable Order Form (collectively, “Support”).

MaintainX offers Support 24/7 (Eastern Standard Time).  Support will be provided to Customer for the duration of its Subscription Term.

MaintainX provides various Support packages with differing levels of Support, namely Basic, Essential & Premium, and Enterprise Support (each, a “Support Level”). The Basic Support Level offers general Support for initial trial and free users, addressing their introductory questions and concerns. Our higher tier Support Levels (e.g., Essential, Premium & and Enterprise) include the same assistance as Basic, as well as additional benefits like data imports, digitizing procedures, troubleshooting issues, and recommending best practices, as may be described in the applicable Order Form under which Customer purchase the applicable higher Support Level.

2. Contacting Support

The Customer Contact (as defined in Section 4.1 below) may contact MaintainX’s support team as the primary point of contact for Support via the following channels (the “Support Channels”):

  • Support Button within the MaintainX Platform.
  • Chat with MaintainX Button on the MaintainX website:
  • Email:

MaintainX also offers an online Help Center available at where resolutions and workarounds for known issues may be communicated.

3. MaintainX Support Response Times and Resolution Efforts

MaintainX strives to promptly address Support cases (also known as "cases," "incidents," "tickets," or "issues") in accordance with the response times set forth in the table below and depending on the Support Level.

If a P0 or P1 Priority Level issue arises, MaintainX may, in its discretion, deliver an immediate notification to Customers and/or response to a Customer Support request, in real-time through web chat, phone, or email. The service status of the MaintainX Platform is available at

MaintainX Median Response Times:

Priority Level Basic Essential Premium & Enterprise
P0 – Critical 2 hours 1 hour 15 minutes
P1 - Major 4 hours 2 hours 1 hour
P2 - Minor One business day 4 hours 2 hours
P3 - Cosmetic Two business days One business day 4 hours

The table below outlines the different levels of issue severity, their descriptions, and the corresponding efforts made to resolve them.

Priority Level Description Resolution Effort
P0 Critical - The MaintainX Platform is inaccessible or its expected functionality is severely impacted, making it impossible for the customer to continue using the MaintainX Platform. Continuous efforts will be made until the problem is officially resolved, tested, deployed, and normal operations are restored. Updates will be provided every 30 minutes. If necessary, internal escalation will occur after 1 hour and then every 2 hours thereafter.
P1 Major - Essential functionality of the MaintainX Platform is lost with no available workaround, or the expected functionality is severely impacted, hindering the customer's normal business operations. Sufficient resources will be allocated to fix the problem within the target resolution time frame.
P2 Minor - Frequently used functionality of the MaintainX Platform is lost or impacted, but a temporary workaround exists. During normal business hours, adequate resources will be allocated to resolve the problem within the target resolution time frame.
P3 Aesthetic - Characteristic defects that do not affect the functions or features of the MaintainX Platform, such as minor visual issues or "how to" questions related to configurations, enhancement requests, or help center documentation. The resolution time frame for P3 issues will be determined on a case-by-case basis. They will be addressed during normal business hours with lower priority compared to P0-P2 issues, and they may be included in the regular maintenance cycle and release schedule if they pertain to characteristic defects.

4. Customer Responsibilities

4.1 Customer Contact

To receive Support as described in this Support Policy, the Customer must designate at least one Admin User who can communicate with our support team for assistance (the “Customer Contact”). Any Authorized User of the Customer can initiate contact with MaintainX Support through the available Support Channels.

The designated Customer Contact(s) is responsible for managing all operational tasks related to the use of the MaintainX Platform for the Customer's business. These tasks include:

  • Assisting Customer’s Authorized Users in managing their incidents by searching for known solutions in our Help Center ( and contacting MaintainX support for new issues.
  • Providing training to new employees and for new feature releases, as needed.
  • Managing and monitoring integrations with Customer's third-party systems (if applicable).
  • Sharing information with Customer's Authorized Users, such as updates on new features, processes, or integrations provided by MaintainX.

4.2 Cooperation

In order to receive Support, the Customer is expected to cooperate reasonably with MaintainX in resolving incidents. Customer should possess sufficient technical expertise and knowledge of their configuration of the MaintainX Platform to provide relevant information that will enable our support or engineering team to reproduce, troubleshoot, and resolve the encountered error.

Please note that MaintainX must be able to reproduce the errors in order to resolve them.  Accordingly, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Customer agrees to cooperate and work with the MaintainX support team as requested to conduct diagnostics and/or troubleshooting.

5. Exclusions

Customer acknowledges and agrees that Support will not be provided for: (a) any use of the MaintainX Platform not in accordance with the Agreement or the Documentation; or (b) any incidents, errors, or issues due to Customer’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.  In addition, MaintainX reserves the right to limit or terminate Support if Customer uses the Support in an improper, abusive, or fraudulent manner, as determined by MaintainX in its reasonable discretion. Examples of such use include a high number of calls that concern previously resolved incidents, repeated requests for Support for questions to which the answer is readily found in the Help Center or Documentation and any inquiries or requests relating to issues that are not related to Support.

6. Changes to MaintainX's Support Policy

MaintainX may modify the Support Policy occasionally, provided the service level under each Support Level will not materially decrease during Customer’s current Subscription Term.