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Screenshot of the MaintainX application showing created vs completed work orders.
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What is a CMMS?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) enables organizations to manage assets, schedule and track work orders, and gain visibility into the process end-to-end. A CMMS helps companies reduce maintenance costs and minimize asset downtime, while increasing safety and work order completion rates.

What MaintainX delivers

Screenshot of MaintainX application showing work order and assignment

Schedule and track maintenance

Modernize how teams handle all types of maintenance and gain visibility across the process.

Create, assign, and monitor progress on work orders in one place.

Plan preventative maintenance by timing or usage.

Move to condition-based maintenance by triggering alerts from out-of-spec meter data.

Flexible workforce planning

Give frontline and back-office workers an intuitive, easy-to-use platform to manage their work.

Assign work orders to available, appropriate technicians.

View and reorganize scheduled work orders.

Stay audit-ready by enforcing SOPs and automatically capturing work records.

MaintainX application shows available user capacity for maintenance work and work order assignments by day in a calendar.
Screenshot of MaintainX application with charts

Gain actionable insights from data

Optimize decision making with maintenance data without needing a data analysis background.

Quickly understand critical workforce performance metrics.

Make data-driven decisions through built-in reports and dashboards that use your connected asset data.

See MaintainX data alongside your other systems in BI tools.

Streamline parts management

Save costs and take the hassle out of inventory management. Connect to your ERP system for a complete view of your parts inventory across sites.


Save time and avoid downtime by automatically tracking parts inventory and triggering alerts when stock is low.


Leverage built-in reports to monitor critical metrics like cost of labor and parts.


Connect to critical ERP systems to synchronize data and purchase orders, and streamline part reordering.

Keep your teams connected

Share knowledge, answer questions, and provide clarification anytime.

Designed with frontline workers in mind, MaintainX is mobile-native with an intuitive experience.

Keep conversations in one place, with instant messaging for individual, group, and work-order chat threads.

Enable frontline workers to share photos of what they’re seeing with their colleagues.

Screenshot of MaintainX application with chat between employees, recording of chat, and status of work order

Companies using MaintainX as their CMMS have found:

Increase in inspections completed on time
Improvement in work order completion rates
Saved per year for maintenance managers
Improvement in customer response times

Get more done with MaintainX

Screenshot of MaintainX application showing asset onlineScreenshot of MaintainX application in mobile app showing assets