Industrial Controls and IoT

Improve reliability with connected systems and IoT

Get ahead of breakdowns with condition-based and predictive maintenance. Unify your systems to maximize production efficiency across all sites.

Screenshot of MaintainX application showing preventative maintenance work order triggered in real-time from sensor readingScreenshot of MaintainX application showing preventative maintenance work order triggered in real-time from sensor reading
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Say goodbye to siloed systems

In an era of unprecedented data collection, disconnected systems lead to missed opportunities. We’ve simplified the process of connecting your sensors, PLCs, SCADA systems, MES, and Historians to your CMMS.

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Diagram showing simplified process of connecting your sensors, PLCs, SCADA systems, MES, and Historians to your CMMS.

Alarms, made actionable

Industrial control systems provide a complete view of your assets, and warn you when something’s awry. Turn those alarms into safe, executable work by tracking downtime, and automating inspections and corrective actions to prevent costly breakdowns.

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Image of work order for conveyor belt

Maximize uptime with condition-based maintenance

Trigger work orders and schedule maintenance in response to real-time conditions such as temperature and vibration. Our sensors integration enables remote monitoring of all your assets on a single dashboard, from anywhere.

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Stay a step ahead with AI-powered workflows

Easily detect anomalies with aggregated sensor data and AI, and generate corrective action plans before an asset breaks down. Pair AI-generated checklists or SOPs with work orders to streamline steps for frontline teams.

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Make smart maintenance and asset management decisions

Identify trends and make decisions that optimize machine health and reduce your costs. Customizable reporting allows you to visualize KPIs and data coming from your industrial control systems and IoT devices.

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Future proof your IoT strategy

Applying data to maintenance is a quick win along your analytics and IoT journey. Our implementation experts are here to help, from configuration to creating a scalable IoT strategy for your business.

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Browse our IoT integrations and partnerships

Our Open API makes it easy to connect MaintainX with any sensor and system.
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Stay in control with enterprise-grade security and administration

More About Security
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SOC 2, ISO 127001 & GDPR Compliant
MaintainX complies with international security standards to keep your data safe.
SSO, Custom Permissions & Roles
MaintainX gives you control over how your users access the platform.
Secure Backups and Encryption
Our security process protects you against data loss and unauthorized access.

MaintainX is the best software for maintenance and operations across third-party review sites

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Awesome Maintenance Software.

As soon as my staff saw how easy it was & the communication improvements from this software they jumped in and have not stopped using it.

Jason A
Resort Maintenance Manager
Makes My Life Easy.

We solve all kinds of daily issues on our properties. I can see what needs to be done & make sure I follow up to get the job done promptly.

Anna M
Property Manager
Our Team Has Been Much More Timely and Organized

We no longer have the "well I told the maintenance guy last week" issues. I know what has been submitted and addressed. Our team has been much more timely and organized which makes the rest of our staff feel successful.

Kasey B.
VP Environmental Operations
This Software has Completely Changed our Department

Work order management is by far our most utilized function of MaintainX. It has completely streamlined our process with our team.

Colton C.
Facilities Manager
New Maintenance Department

For over 20 years, never had a maintenance department. Just had guys who would fix stuff when it broke. Now we do PM.

B. Z.
Maintenance Worker
Powerful but light.

As an engineering storeman, I enjoy the flexibility and number of data fields available for parts. Everything is tied together beautifully.

Robert G
Engineering Storeman

This is a must for a business with a lot of moving parts. I tested many other platforms and MaintainX beat them all in every aspect.

Nathaniel M.
Maintenance Specialist
Best I Have Ever Used

I also find the parts inventory very easy to use and track. My upper management team is very happy.

Maintenance Team Manager
No More Headaches

Real-time data tracking, easy to use, customer can make a service call from an app and include pictures. No more headaches.

Carl C.
Maintenance Mechanic
No more paperwork!

Easy to use, we use it for PMs, safety permits, and quick access to SOPs. Gets rid of the endless paperwork, everything at your fingertips.

Austin P
Maintenance Manager

Get more done with MaintainX

Screenshot of MaintainX application showing asset onlineScreenshot of MaintainX application in mobile app showing assets