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MaintainX is leading the digital revolution in maintenance and operations, enhancing the way teams work and collaborate worldwide.
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In a world where operational downtime is not an option, MaintainX is the trusted partner for continuous work execution. Our solution elevates the daily operations of the equipment and facilities upon which we all rely. We pride ourselves on equipping our clients—from small enterprises to global conglomerates—with the tools to maintain, manage, and mobilize their workforce, ensuring that the backbone of our industrial ecosystems are supported by unparalleled efficiency and guided by the hands of skilled professionals.

Backbone of modern industry

Our story began in 2018 with a simple observation: the tools provided to those keeping our world moving were stuck in the past. The future of maintenance isn't about complex technology but about making those advancements accessible and actionable. 

That’s why we’ve built a intuitive, data-driven platform to make your whole operation run smoother. 

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Built for you

We believe the greatest asset in any organization isn't the machinery; it's the people who keep the machines and operation running.

Our mission is simple: to provide modern tools that streamline maintenance, maximize equipment uptime, and drive operational excellence across physical asset driven industries. 

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