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Manage, track and analyze assets for peak performance and reduce total cost of ownership.

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What is Enterprise Asset Management?

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software empowers organizations to track and analyze an asset’s health and journey throughout its entire lifecycle. It includes asset monitoring, management, and predictive maintenance, which enables companies to optimize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

What MaintainX delivers

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Use advanced asset maintenance methods

Move beyond reactive maintenance to minimize asset downtime.

Conduct preventative maintenance according to a time-based schedule or asset usage.

Utilize condition-based maintenance by using meter data to trigger maintenance alerts.

Apply PdM Predictive and standard Prescriptive Maintenance models.

Access data from your assets

Apply Reliability Centered Maintenance practices using data insights on equipment performance without needing an analytics background.

Access built-in reports and dashboards to assess the health of one or multiple assets at a glance.

Explore the total cost of a repair and understand individual cost drivers.

User-defined FMEA categories and RPNs to compare long-term trends and drive corrective action.

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Make parts inventory management easy

Track asset parts for work orders, easily determine when reordering is necessary, and maintain a comprehensive parts inventory history.


Associate parts with assets and locations to get visibility into stock levels across your entire operation.


Receive notifications for low inventory to ensure timely replenishment.


Sync data and purchase orders with your ERP to streamline part reordering and inventory management.
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Streamline asset management workflows

Modernize the end-to-end maintenance process to maximize uptime across an asset’s lifecycle.

Empower frontline workers to promptly alert back-office staff when an asset fails an inspection.

Assign and shift work orders between technicians to guarantee assets stay running.

Maintain proper asset upkeep by closely monitoring work order completion rates.

Standardize your asset management structure

Establish a hierarchy of locations, assets, and parts that reflect their on-site setup.

Define the criticality level of assets to ensure proper maintenance prioritization.

Assign assets and parts to specific facility locations to make them faster and easier to locate on the floor.

Better enable lean 6S and TPM implementation with one-point lesson visual inspections and auto-corrective actions.

Screenshot of MaintainX application showing parts in stock, work order history, and uptime

Companies using MaintainX as their CMMS have found:

Improvement in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
Savings on monthly maintenance costs
Reduction in unplanned downtime 
Improvement in work order completion rates

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