December 19, 2022


MaintainX’s Year in Review: Our Biggest Milestones of 2022

MaintainX’s Year in Review: Our Biggest Milestones of 2022

As the year draws to a close, we are reflecting on our milestones from another fast-paced year at MaintainX. Today, we are proud to serve 4,000+ customers using our platform to manage over 1.5 million assets across more than 600,000 locations worldwide. To keep operations at maximum capacity, prevent downtime, and control costs, our customers use MaintainX to track millions of parts and manage over 150,000 vendors.

We’ve always been committed to providing a world-class customer experience from day one, with seamless implementations and a partnership approach to shared success. As a result, in 2022, we tripled our teams across Customer Support, Account Management, and Implementation. Now, we can also offer live 24/5 support, so you can connect to a real person within minutes on weekdays and within just a few hours on weekends.

In 2022 we also introduced more than 200 product updates and improvements directly inspired by your feedback. Here are some of your favorites.

Conditional Logic Fields for Simplified SOPs (beta)

The days of static checklists and flowchart diagrams attached to Work Orders are over. Conditional Logic Fields let you apply if-then logic to Procedures so that available fields change dynamically based on user input. Instead of needing to interpret static diagrams or print instructions, users can now view only the checklists, instructions, and tasks relevant to them.

Procedure Scores to Improve Safety, Quality, and Efficiency

With Procedure Scores, you can evaluate any process, such as a compliance audit, safety inspection, or site assessment, against your organizational and regulatory standards. You can adjust how you calculate the total Procedure Score based on your organization’s priorities and goals.

Based on customer feedback, we recently added the ability to trigger corrective actions based on scores you set. By establishing minimums for Procedure Scores, your team can quickly address quality and risk issues without needing to review individual work orders.

Drag-and-Drop Work Order Scheduling for More Agile Resource Allocation

To properly allocate resources, you need to be able to adapt to changing situations. We designed the MaintainX Calendar View to give you an at-a-glance view into your teams’ upcoming work. Now, you can use that same view to easily adjust Work Order priorities and schedules.

Let’s say you need to reschedule a factory audit or move a monthly inspection due to employees swapping shifts. Whatever the situation, you can now easily adjust the due date of a Work Order by dragging and dropping any Work Order to a new date.

work order scheduling CMMS

Linked Parts and Assets for Tighter Inventory Control

Effective parts inventory management is key to maximizing equipment uptime while minimizing stocking and storage costs. But even if you digitize your inventory, it can be hard to know where a part is used and to update inventory levels as teams perform maintenance, increasing the risk of stockouts, equipment idling, and even botched repairs.

This year, we released two updates to reduce the friction in linking Parts and Asset data. First, you can now easily tag the right Parts when you create an Asset in MaintainX. Second, MaintainX can now link Parts to Assets as your team completes Work Orders. Let’s say your technician tried out different parts to repair an asset and nothing fit. When they finally find the part that works, they can simply log the part in the Work Order. MaintainX will now automatically link the Part to your Asset, which helps you save time and reduces errors when creating bills of materials for future work on the Asset.

By connecting Parts with Assets, you know exactly when you need to restock parts. MaintainX now helps you avoid parts shortages to keep your machines running at maximum capacity.

automated portal notifications

Automated Request Portal Notifications to Streamline Communication

Keeping operations, quality, and other teams up to date on the status of their requests shouldn’t be a manual process. Closing the loop on communications when requesters don’t provide their contact information shouldn’t be time-consuming or, worse, impossible.

To improve response times and streamline Work Request communication, we added email notifications directly into the Request Portal. Now, requesters can attach their email addresses to requests to automatically receive updates as you approve, create, complete, or deny their requests.

automated requests cmms

Customization Options to Enhance User Experience

As we face industry-wide labor shortages, good technicians are hard to find, and even harder to retain and train. Likewise, it’s more important than ever to find tools that technicians can easily pick up and use, especially when their work often requires adhering to organization-specific workflows and processes.

Legacy asset and maintenance management software can be prohibitively expensive and complicated to use. Customizing mobile workflows for those systems often requires technological resources and expertise.

This year, we redesigned our Settings module to give you the power to customize MaintainX for your teams’ unique operations. You can create labels and categories that match your organization, ​​control which features are visible in the MaintainX app, and configure how these features work, all directly from one screen. You can also more easily create and manage your teams. For example, you can turn any team into an escalation team, providing more flexibility on who is alerted about specific situations, such as overdue Work Orders, failed or flagged Procedures, and when critical parts are low.

customized feature labels CMMS

Looking Ahead to 2023

At MaintainX, our mission is to help frontline teams transform the way they manage the equipment and facilities that keep our world running. From dynamic Procedures to advanced automations and customization options, we believe this year’s updates will help frontline teams work smarter, safer, and more efficiently.

As we look forward to the new year, we will continue delivering innovations to improve your teams’ productivity and efficiency, provide new insights into your assets, and connect seamlessly with your systems. To all of our customers who provided the boundless stories, suggestions, and ideas that inspired these updates, we say thank you for your partnership!

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