July 16, 2021


MaintainX Named Top “Free CMMS” in Capterra’s 2021 Review

MaintainX Named Top “Free CMMS” in Capterra’s 2021 Review

It’s free—how good can it be? 

When it comes to MaintainX, the answer is: pretty darn good!

Capterra recently named us among the top free CMMS software tools available in the marketplace. Last year, Capterra also recognized MaintainX as a Top 20 Work Order Software, Top 20 Asset Tracking Software, and Top 20 Facility Management Software option. This time, the Gartner-owned review site evaluated more than 300 CMMS software products before identifying three viable options: 

“The good news is—you don’t always have to pay top dollar to use a CMMS system,” Rahul Kumar, Capterra writer, says. “There are few CMMS tools that cost nothing to use, and you can upgrade to a paid version to access additional features when you scale.”

What makes the providers on Capterra’s list unique? CMMS providers rarely offer any features at no cost beyond their introductory trial offers. In addition, many so-called “free plans” are sparse when it comes to functionality, reliability, and usefulness. Keep reading to learn about what makes MaintainX stand out from the crowd. 

3 Reasons MaintainX CMMS Shines 

Hunting for high-quality, free software can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. After a while, you start to wonder if you’re asking for too much. But we don’t think asking for a free, functional, user-friendly CMMS experience should be considered wishful thinking.

That’s why MaintainX Basic Plan users get unlimited (non-recurring) work orders, unlimited asset entries, and unlimited team messages at no cost. Below are three more reasons to check out MaintainX:

1. Ease of Use

customize SOP templates
MaintainX CMMS Desktop

Did you know that most CMMS software solutions available today were built before the modern smartphone era? Consequently, the complimentary mobile apps they provide stem from code that was never meant to support mobile experiences. 

That’s why their mobile versions sometimes seem clunky, complicated, and unattractive. In contrast, MaintainX’s engineers designed our software with mobile usage in mind from the app’s conception. Translation: it’s easy to navigate the platform’s dashboard immediately upon opening the application. 

Many of our less technologically inclined users have said they were surprised just how easy MaintainX is to use without training. 

Of course, tutorials are available for those wanting step-by-step guidance and answers to frequently asked questions are provided in our Help Center.  

2. Team Messaging

CMMS team messaging
MaintainX Messaging

Do you ever find yourself sorting through email threads, voice mails, and text messages to recover backlog maintenance requests? 

If so, you’re not alone. Efficient communication is one of the most essential, yet challenging, aspects of running a well-oiled maintenance department. MaintainX is the world’s only mobile CMMS with business messaging. That means you can instant message team members in real-time via smartphone, tablet, or desktop. 

You also can organize conversational threads by individuals, groups, or projects. In addition, workers can leave task-specific comments directly within work orders. Centralized messaging protocols ensure crucial messages are both delivered and received.

3. Generous Unlocked Capabilities 

standard operating procedure software
MaintainX CMMS Mobile

As previously mentioned, MaintainX Basic Plan users can create an unlimited number of basic work orders, catalog an unlimited number of asset entries, and access work history data. In comparison, most other CMMS providers limit or charge for these features. 

Whether your organization has 10 assets or 1,000 assets, you can store their corresponding data points within your MaintainX account for no charge. 

In addition, Basic Plan users can export an unlimited number of work orders as PDFs, catalog an unlimited number of vendors, and collaborate with an unlimited number of requesters on the app. The plan also includes a limited number of Premium features each month. 

It’s worth emphasizing that Basic Plan users can only create two repeating work orders per month. Translation: if you’re looking to run a comprehensive preventive maintenance program, you may want to jump to our Essential Plan (it’s $8.33 per user/monthly). 

Alternatively, if you also desire parts inventory management, meter-based maintenance, and time and cost tracking functionalities, you’ll want to use MaintainX Premium (it’s $32.50 per user/monthly). 

MaintainX—The Best Free CMMS 

At MaintainX, we believe that maintenance professionals should be able to navigate a CMMS platform without hours of training.

But don’t let our application’s visual simplicity fool you. The engineering underneath the hood is clean, comprehensive, and powerful. The result?

An intuitive desktop, tablet, and mobile CMMS experience that makes task management more enjoyable. Want to see why IT Director David H. says MaintainX is “better than any other work order software or mobile app?”

Capterra Review

Click here to download MaintainX for iOs, Android, or desktop. 

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