November 16, 2022


What’s New at MaintainX: November 2022

What’s New at MaintainX: November 2022

This is the time of the year to share what you’re thankful for. At MaintainX, we’re thankful for the wonderful feedback we’ve received from our customers that gives us the opportunity to offer a range of updates focused on increasing your team’s efficiency and adaptability.

Here at MaintainX, we think there’s a lot to get excited about. Whether it’s giving you more flexibility with enhanced Work Order scheduling, keeping your team on track with more dynamic Procedures, or bringing clarity to work requests, we’ve got you covered.

Visualize and Schedule Your Work Orders in Seconds

When properly allocating resources, your ability to adapt to changing situations is critical. Maybe your site check was delayed, and you need to reschedule it, or your monthly inspection needs to be moved due to employees swapping shifts.

Whatever the situation, you can now easily adjust the due date of a Work Order in seconds by using our new drag-and-drop feature in Calendar view. Now, you can quickly view your team’s work capacity and efficiently allocate the right resources to the right tasks at the right time.

Learn How to Create an Effective Preventive Maintenance Schedule →

Keep Your Team Focused with Our Updated Conditional Logic Fields (Beta)

While a Procedure can cover a wide range of cases, it can’t address every possibility. So if your team comes across something unexpected, like a previous incomplete inspection, you can now use Conditional Logic Fields to help them reduce errors and work more efficiently.

In conditional fields, you apply if-then logic to Procedures, and fields change dynamically based on user input. This month, we’ve enhanced these fields by adding a new option. Now, based on user input, you can populate an applicable Procedure to fit the situation, keeping your team focused on completing their work without pause.

Conditional Logic Fields are in beta. Please reach out to your MaintainX account rep for access.

Learn More about Our Dynamic SOPs →

Receive Clearer Work Requests with Request Portals

Incomplete or unclear work requests can delay important work and even create confusion and uncertainty for your techs. For example, say an operator reports a breakdown on a production line. Without proper details, the tech may not arrive with the right tools and parts to resolve the issue.

To ensure you’re getting the details you need from your requesters, you can prompt them for specific information as they type out a Request. This helps you to take action faster, close out jobs more confidently, and improve your first-time fix rates.

Learn More about Work Requests→

The festive season is around the corner, but there’s no slowing down at MaintainX. Treat your team early with these streamlined features, and we’ll be back with more soon.

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