MaintainX Named #1 CMMS by G2 for the 6th Consecutive Quarter

The G2 Spring 2024 Reports are in, and the CMMS landscape is clear: MaintainX is the undisputed leader. While other platforms celebrate niche victories, MaintainX consistently delivers the results that truly matter—ranking #1 in overall satisfaction, ease of implementation, and future growth potential for the sixth consecutive quarter and earning 132 additional badges and 70 number-one placements. 

G2 Quarterly Reports: What do they really mean?

Four times a year, G2 releases its Quarterly Reports, which evaluate products in each category based on a set number of criteria to help consumers purchase the right platform for their needs. There are three main types of G2 Quarter Reports: 

  1. Grid Report: Evaluates overall performance of the software;
  2. Momentum Report: Measures company innovation and growth; 
  3. Index Report: Curated reports across four key topics — implementation, usability, relationship, and results.

Grid Report

The first and perhaps most important G2 report is its CMMS Grid® Report. This report breaks down the competitive landscape for buyers by plotting CMMS providers on a grid based on their market presence and customer satisfaction score. The grid is comprised of four sections: Leaders, High Performers, Niche, and Contenders. A high score in both market presence and satisfaction indicates that a company receives a large volume of overwhelmingly positive product reviews from real customers and has a strong market presence (defined by review count, employee count and revenue, web presence, and growth, influence, and engagement). This comprehensive report offers a robust, high-level picture of the market for buyers evaluating CMMS options.

Momentum Report

The Momentum® Report uses momentum and customer satisfaction scores to help buyers understand which products are innovating and growing and which are remaining stagnant or falling behind the competition. The momentum score—which uses key indicators such as employee count, review volume, social media following, and web presence—measures a company's market traction, innovation, and growth potential. In combination with the customer satisfaction score, it provides a robust assessment of the current state and future trajectory of the CMMS market.

Leaders in this report, like MaintainX, excel at delivering innovative solutions that delight customers. They demonstrate a consistent dedication to continuous improvement and showcase a deep understanding of customers' evolving needs.

Index Report

The G2 Index Reports are a great way to see how a product performs in one specific aspect or area of focus. There are four types of Index Reports:

  • Usability: Measures ease of use, what percentage of users adopt the product, and more
  • Results: Does a CMMS meet requirements, what’s the estimated ROI, and would you recommend it?
  • Implementation: How long did it take to go live, how easy was it to set up, and how did you implement it?
  • Relationship: Measures the ease of doing business with the software provider, looking at factors like quality of support and likelihood of recommending to a friend

Looking at the bigger picture

While each G2 2024 Spring Report offers valuable insights into the different facets of a CMMS's performance, be sure to zoom out and look at the big-picture reports for an overarching view of the CMMS space. The comprehensive Grid and Momentum Reports will help you cut through frivolous marketing claims, evaluate real-world results, and find the best-fit solution for your business. 

MaintainX Wins the Races that Matter the Most

The undisputed leader in the CMMS space 

MaintainX was named the leader in the space in the 2024 G2 Spring CMMS Grid® Report, receiving an aggregate G2 score of 87. It marks the sixth quarter in a row where MaintainX has been ranked the #1 CMMS platform on G2, highlighting the consistency with which we deliver world-class results.

With over 8,000 satisfied customers, MaintainX stands out from the rest of the crowd for its flexibility and tangible impact. The grid report reveals consistently high satisfaction ratings across various CMMS features, from work order management to predictive maintenance and reporting. Our scores underscore our commitment to delivering a powerful platform that drives results and exceeds expectations.

#1 Rated CMMS for Customer Satisfaction 

Real results speak louder than niche wins. G2 Grid Report also measures overall customer satisfaction, taking into account both the content of customer reviews and their overall significance. With a 99 out of 100 satisfaction score, MaintainX outperforms all competitors in delivering meaningful value to our customers and exceeding their expectations. Our commitment to customer success is further evidenced by satisfaction percentages above 90% in every category measured by G2, including ease of use, ease of administration, and quality of support.

Fastest-growing and most innovative CMMS

MaintainX is the industry’s fastest-growing and most innovative CMMS platform, having been named one of the Fastest Growing Products of 2024 by G2’s Best Software Awards and outpacing the rest of the competition in the G2 Momentum Grid® Spring Report. With an overall score of 92, MaintainX is 16 points ahead of the closest competitor, clearly demonstrating that no other CMMS comes close to our dedication to innovation, growth, and better support for frontline workers. With over 96% of respondents believing that the company is going in the right direction, MaintainX consistently delivers innovative products that meet the customers' needs. 

See results in weeks, not years

A CMMS provides little value if it takes months to set up the platform and your users struggle to adopt it. The faster you’re up and running, the quicker you get the results you’re looking for. Our customers typically get their sites up and running on MaintainX in as little as three weeks. For this dedication to driving rapid implementation and user adoption, MaintainX was named the easiest CMMS to implement in the G2 Implementation Index Report for Spring 2024, ranking higher than any other CMMS solution. 

Beyond the Numbers: Real-World Success

Don't take our word for it; see it for yourself. Companies like Titan America, Duracell, and Ahlstrom have significantly reduced unplanned downtime, inventory costs, and mean time to repair (MTTR) with MaintainX.

Titan America decreased unplanned downtime by 30% 

Read Titan America’s Case Study

Duracell saves $50K on parts inventory costs

Read Duracell’s Case Study

Ahlstrom reduces MTTR by 90%

Read Ahlstrom’s Case Study

The Bottom Line: MaintainX is the Undisputed #1 CMMS and Asset Management Platform. 

Choosing the right CMMS is essential for your organization's success. MaintainX isn't just another option—it's THE industry-leading platform for CMMS and asset management. Don't get lost in the details of niche features—choose a comprehensive solution with a track record of demonstrated success.


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