September 9, 2022


MaintainX Goes to IMTS—with Even More Technological Advancements

MaintainX Goes to IMTS—with Even More Technological Advancements

This September, MaintainX returns to IMTS (The International Manufacturing Technology Show) after COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 shuttered North America’s leading manufacturing technology event.

IMTS is one of the largest and longest-running industry trade shows. It brings together industry professionals driving the future of manufacturing technology with those interested in the latest innovations in digital and traditional manufacturing, including new machine technology and CMMS tools that create more efficient and effective maintenance operations.

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This time, MaintainX brings more fresh energy and a new perspective, with solutions to recent challenges highlighted by our customers over the last two and half years in the wake of COVID. Manufacturers may have foreseen the pending workforce and technology changes on the horizon. Still, only a few anticipated the massive supply-chain disruptions and spare parts and inventory challenges.

These challenges are changing how manufacturers think about near- and on-shoring to strengthen supply chains. PWC notes, “The supply chain today is a series of largely discrete, siloed steps taken through marketing, product development, manufacturing, and distribution, and finally into the hands of the customer.”

MaintainX and MachineMetrics

MaintainX Digitizes Manufacturing

At MaintainX, we know that with digitization, inventory and supply chains integrate into a transparent ecosystem visible across an entire organization. With robust parts and inventory management available in real-time at your fingertips, MaintainX helps customers build a new kind of supply network that is both resilient and responsive.

Our clients who have integrated MaintainX into their supply-chain logistics “gain huge advantages in customer service, flexibility, efficiency, and cost reduction; those that delay will be left further and further behind” (PWC).

“The digitization of the supply chain, procurement included, creates a “digital loop,” a continuous flow of data, information, goods, and services between the physical and digital worlds.”


This year at IMTS, we are showcasing our partnership with MachineMetrics. The MaintainX-MachineMetrics integration means that MachineMetrics’ real-time machine-condition data automatically triggers MaintainX to create critical maintenance work orders. These condition-based triggers enable customers to streamline communication and transform data into immediate, decisive action, reducing costly downtime and increasing worker safety.

In addition to MachineMetrics, we are partnering with Fulcrum and VKS at the booth.

MaintainX and IMTS

This year at IMTS, we are excited to see:

1.     Advanced Tooling Machines

Manufacturers are producing machine tooling units more advanced than ever before. These technology-enabled machines now connect the back office to the frontline.

2.     Connected Factory Floor

We all know that technology moves fast. What we only imagined and wanted—easy-to-use, integrated technology that connects a company’s workforce—is here now and ready to be deployed. 

3.     OEMs Connected Directly to Users

We are excited to see Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) connecting directly to customers, a critical part of the supply chain, producing the manufactured parts, machinery, tools, and finished equipment that keep businesses running smoothly.

And this is a big one . . .

4.     Our Customers and Partners

Our relationships are the foundation for how we work together. Long-term relationships lead to new opportunities, customers, and partnerships. When we work together, the customer wins. When the customer wins, we all win.

Come see us at BOOTH 338248!

The Connected Factory Ecosystem: Powered by MaintainX

We can’t solve tomorrow’s problems with the tools of the past. Led by visionary software companies calling themselves The Connected Factory Ecosystem, see how these cutting-edge solutions work together out-of-the-box to drive automated production and maintenance use cases with no custom code or expensive system integration required.

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Caroline Eisner
Caroline Eisner
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