How to Create a Cleaning Procedure With MaintainX

March 19, 2020 in Safety and Inspections

How to Create a Cleaning Procedure With MaintainX

Let’s walk through the basic steps involved in creating your first work order.

Digital work orders can include safety and sanitation checklists, preventative maintenance, reactive maintenance, and asset management. For this example, we’ll create a safety and sanitation checklist for an operational manager tasked with implementing new hygienic guidelines for his office space.

Although your organization’s work orders might necessitate additional layers of complexity, the overall process remains the same. MaintainX is suitable for a variety of organizations, including: 

  • Hotels
  • Country Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Oil and Gas/Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Fleet Management
  • Facility Management
  • Property Management
  • Governments
  • Schools

If you haven’t already, click here to download the app. Please note: The following steps are for example purposes only, and should not be confused with a comprehensive safety and sanitation checklist for your unique organization. 

Here’s how to create a work order with MaintainX:


1. Open the App on Your Smartphone or Desktop

Your screen will look similar to this (without all of the scheduled work orders):

safety and sanitation guidelines


2. Create a Work Order

Select the “Work Orders” icon from the bottom-left of your screen. In this example, I’ll be naming our work order “Safety and Sanitation Checklist.” Feel free to name your practice work order whatever you like.


how to create a work order

3. Assign Team Members

Next, select “Assign To,” and choose who should be notified once the work order is ready. You can assign work orders to both departments and individuals.

how to create a work order

If you don’t already have team members saved, you will be given the option to enter them individually or upload the contacts from your smartphone:

safety and sanitation checklist

4. Choose a Date

When should this item be assigned, and how often? Select the next prompt, and a calendar will appear. Select a date customization options for a due time, start date, and repeatability:


safety and sanitation guidelines

5. Select a Priority Level

As you can see, our work order screen now shows the assigned worker, due date, and reputability options we selected from step four. Next, rate the work order a priority of none, low, medium, or high.

how to create a work order

6. Write a Description

Scroll down to the Description box, and write a summary of the work order’s purpose. This is a perfect place to provide assigned workers with special instructions, context, and important data.

how to write a work order subscription

7. Add Procedures

Next, select “Add Procedure or Inspection” from the light-blue box. This is the “heart” of the work order; here, you will input instructions on what needs to get done and how. You have the option of adding section headers and various form fields for work order organization. I’ve titled our example “Sanitation Checklist.” In addition to including individual procedures, I also began creating a series of department questions for supervisors:

how to create a work order

The app provides several drop-down options for types of fields, including multiple-choice, pass/fail, fill-in-the-blank, and more. We even have a new, digital signature block feature that can be included for supervisors who prefer traditional sign-offs:

how to create a work order

Once you’re finished, select “Done” from the top-right corner to save your work. You will now be redirected to the Work Order Page for final customizations.

8. Select Final Preferences

Here you can assign vendors, locations, assets, and more in a similar fashion to the previous steps.

how to create a work order

If you need to include any pictures or PDFs, perhaps a formal safety document for reference, you can attach that directly to your Work Order. Simply select “Add File.” You can also take a picture with your smartphone and upload it right away.

9. Utilize Comments

Finally, don’t forget to utilize the comments feature by switching to the Comments tab at the top-right of your screen.

Our comment feature is appreciated by both managers and team members alike: Managers receive real-time, verbal confirmation of task completion, and workers can quickly ask for task clarification. Both parties can also attach files and photos directly into the comment stream. That means workers can send photographic depictions of problem areas, and managers can quickly share additional documentation.

10. Monitor the Work Order

Now that our repeatable work order is open, we will receive routine notifications of daily task completion. This work order will remain open until we change the status to On-hold, In Progress or Done. We can edit the work order at any time by selecting “Edit” from the top-right corner.

Create Digital Work Orders in Less Time With MaintainX

Congratulations—you have now created your first work order with MaintainX. We help busy operations managers stay organized, improve employee communications and enhance onsite safety with a convenient, real-time app that includes: 

  • Unlimited Work Orders: Store everything in “the cloud.” 
  • Unlimited Messaging: No more lost email threads, text messages and undocumented phone calls.
  • Unlimited Photos: Upload (and draw on) as many photos as you need to illustrate workplace problems between parties. 

Are you ready to manage your company’s maintenance and operations without the paper stacks? Global organizations like McDonalds, Marriott and Hilton have already switched to the convenience of MaintainX. 

Click here to schedule a demo or download the app for free. 

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