September 5, 2019


September 2019 Update – New Calendar Views, Export Data Expanded, New Desktop Design, REST API, and More!

September 2019 Update – New Calendar Views, Export Data Expanded, New Desktop Design, REST API, and More!
The MaintainX product team pushes out new features, improvements and bug fixes several times per day.
Up until now, we haven’t done a great job of keeping you informed on our blog.
Let’s fix that.
We’re excited to introduce a new series called Release Notes.
Every month Release Notes will highlight all the improvements we’ve launched, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new. Take a look at what we launched in August:

Release Notes is our regular update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

MaintainX Homepage Updated!

We recently updated our homepage! Take a look around and let us know what you think. We will be adding a lot more helpful content including MaintainX best practices, ideas on how to utilize MaintainX to improve your organization, share industry news, and more!

Calendar View Now on Desktop and Mobile

You can now view your upcoming Work Order and Preventative Maintenance schedule via our new Calendar View release. Upcoming repeating Work Orders are grey and cannot be selected – this is to help avoid confusion and prevent modifying/completing recurring events unintentionally. To modify a repeating Work Order, select the one closest to Today’s date (or one that is overdue).

Export PDF Customization

When you export a Work Order to PDF, you will now be able to select which elements of the Work Order to include or exclude. You can also customize the sizing of the images depending on your needs.

Admins Can Edit Team Members’ Profiles

Admins can now update and edit Team Member profiles. This will help Admins with onboarding, keeping your team’s profiles consistent – for example, uploading photos, and correcting any email/phone number errors or changes.

CSV Export [Pro Plan Feature]

Admins on our Pro Plan can now Filter, Preview and Export Work Orders from a specific time period into a CSV format that can also include Form Inputs. This CSV Export can be used to generate reports on Downtime, Mean-Time-To-Repair, Hours Worked by User, and more!

REST API [Pro Plan Feature]

Our new REST API allows organizations to connect MaintainX to 3rd party software or internal software. Whether you are wanting to connect a request portal, ERP system, analytics tools or even an older CMMS your company is hooked into – our REST API opens up the magical simplicity of MaintainX to the rest of your digital world. Contact us to learn how you can get started. Our REST API is only available to Pro Plan Organizations. Check out our documentation here!

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