Release Notes: Purchase Orders, Workstation Mode across All Platforms, and Even More Customizations

Table of Contents

    October 28, 2021


    Release Notes: Purchase Orders, Workstation Mode across All Platforms, and Even More Customizations

    Release Notes: Purchase Orders, Workstation Mode across All Platforms, and Even More Customizations

    Table of Contents

      The MaintainX Product Team pushes out new features, improvements, and bug fixes several times per day.

      Release Notes is our regular update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new in MaintainX.

      We are excited to share our latest updates with you. We have made over 700 changes to the system in the last quarter.

      Two of our most exciting changes relate to how users can use our Purchase Orders feature to work with Vendors directly from MaintainX and changes to Workstation mode, now available across all platforms.

      These are key updates requested by customers to streamline operations. Now, our users can complete the full maintenance cycle from within a Work Order by also replenishing and managing parts and supplies via the Purchase Orders module. 

      New Purchase Orders Module

      Our new Purchase Orders (PO) module simplifies your operational workflow and integrates with third-party Vendors, especially useful when ordering parts and equipment. 

      This feature provides cost-tracking accountability, typically standard when seeking approval for expenses and when accounting departments need to supply matching PO numbers for all expenditures. 

      What makes our PO module even better is its interconnectivity: MaintainX users can send purchase orders to those within their organization who are connected to MaintainX AND to those outside MaintainX via email addresses. 

      Workstation Mode in Desktop

      Also requested by many of our customers, MaintainX now offers Workstation mode across all platforms. 

      Following up on our deployment in Q1 of our native mobile app, this brings MaintainX to the next level, as we make sure that Workstation mode is available across platforms for handling new use cases. 

      Workstation mode allows users to log in to multiple devices that may be shared across multiple users. Examples of this include desktop/laptop devices installed on facility floors and tablet/mobile devices that are shared across multiple shifts. Workstation mode allows for higher utilization of corporate IT equipment and cost savings.

      New Customizations

      Even More Custom Field Types

      For those who have worked with us at MaintainX, you won’t be surprised that customization has been a large focus this year.

      We’ve created Custom Field types: whether it’s multiline field types, number fields, data fields, and other customizations around meter units. 

      With these new updates, all of your meter readings can now automatically trigger preventive maintenance work orders.

      Customized Exports

      We have also made it possible for users to export exactly what they want: when exporting MaintainX data, users now can specifically export only the columns needed.

      At the end of the day, customization is core to how we have built the MaintainX platform. We want our users to always get what they need and have the right tools to do their work and get it done.

      Delete or Skip Work Orders

      One more of the many customizations we’ve made based on customer feedback: users can now delete or skip reactive and repeating Work Orders.

      The Latest Reviews

      By the way, check out our MaintainX mobile reviews: we have garnered over 700 reviews in Google and over 300 reviews in the Apple Store.

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