What Is CMRP?

June 2, 2022

CMRP stands for Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional.

Maintenance and reliability (M&R) professionals can now access technology that gives them more control and provides better insights than any hardcopy spreadsheets and checklists.

There’s no longer a need to invest time in redundant tasks or collecting data manually—a robust CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) can take care of all this.

However, M&R professionals still need to stay ahead of the curve to implement the insights they get from a CMMS.

M&R techs who use data insights to improve efficiency are valuable to employers. And the way to prove your M&R experience? The CMRP certification.

What Is CMRP?

Certified Management & Reliability Professional (CMRP) is a credential managed by the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals and accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

The CMRP exam assesses more than textbook knowledge. It also tests your ability to apply the knowledge, existing skills, and experience. As a result, CMRP certification sets you apart from other professionals in the maintenance industry.

While most M&R professionals are eligible to become CMRP certified, to take the exam, you also need to:

  • Apply for the CMRP certification
  • Pay all applicable fees when registering 
  • Have not taken the CMRP test in the previous six months

You’ll find more details about eligibility in the CMRP Candidate Guide.

The Five Pillars of CMRP’s Body of Knowledge

CMRP is designed in such a way to fit with a business and its goals. These goals will vary across industries. As a result, the SMRP Body of Knowledge contains five distinct pillars.

1. Business and Management

The skills required to translate a business’s goals into maintenance and reliability goals that contribute to achieving the business’s broader objectives.

2. Manufacturing Process Reliability

The ability to apply current data-driven analytical technologies to optimize the manufacturing process.

3. Equipment Reliability

The expertise to assess equipment’s current availability, reliability, maintainability, and criticality capability. Also, the ability to use maintenance best practices to ensure efficiency and safety of the equipment.

4. Organization and Leadership

The knowledge required to support a maintenance team and help a business achieve its maintenance goals.

5. Work Management

The skills needed to schedule and plan maintenance activities and quality assurance and manage inventory.

Benefits of CMRP Certification

Earning a CMRP certificate validates your skills and experience as a maintenance professional. In addition, it sets you apart from other maintenance professionals by signifying your professional excellence in the maintenance industry.

Other benefits of earning the CMRP include:

1. Broad Industry Knowledge

The CMRP exam tests your maintenance expertise against a universal standard. The Five Pillars of the Body of Knowledge ensure that successful candidates understand both theoretically and practically the subjects they need to be excellent M&R professionals.

2. Global Recognition

First developed in 1992, SMRP certification is now recognized in more than 60 countries worldwide.

With thousands of members and certified experts around the globe, earning a CMRP gives you access to an international community of professionals.

3. Savings for the Business

More than 72% of respondents of an SMRP study estimate that maintenance and reliability practices saved their companies at least $50,000 over the previous year, while 37% estimated savings to be at least $1 million.

Investing in your people via the CMRP certification gives you and your employees the confidence to exceed expectations.

4. Expertise Validation

CMRP is the best credential for maintenance and reliability experts to prove their theoretical and practical skills in maintenance, reliability, and physical asset management.

Passing a rigorous exam like CMRP also assures management that you can apply your skills to help companies reach efficiency and profitability goals.

5. Career Progression

Thousands of employers worldwide ask for CMRP certification as a prerequisite for hiring. Passing the exam helps position you as a candidate with proven skills and expertise. CMRP also enables you to climb the career ladder in your current organization.

Study Tips and Resources for CMRP Test

The CMRP isn’t an easy exam, so you’ll want to use all the available resources. Here are tips and resources to prepare more thoroughly:

  1. Use SMRP’s study resources, including the SMRP library and the practice questions included in the CMRP Candidate Guide for Certification and Recertification.
  2. Sign up for online training from an institution you trust. Select a training institute from the SMRP-approved providers.
  3. Study from free resources like the CMRP Study Quiz app to practice exam questions.
  4. Turn to online communities and experts within your organization to ask questions or discuss the curriculum.

Sample Questions and Answers

To preview the material in the CMRP exam, take a look at these questions from the SMRP Candidate Guide (with the answers in italics):

1. When training maintenance workers, it’s best to first:

a. Review the list of classes already taken by the workers

b. Check the budget to set how much to spend per worker

c. List all tasks the workers need to perform

d. Give classes to all workers on basic skills

2. From the following list, which is not a critical structural element of a strategic plan for maintenance and reliability?

a. Historical direction of the business

b. Vision of the future state

c. Benefits available through the implementation

d. Current levels of performance

3. What relationship should Maintenance and Reliability Teams have with customers and suppliers for optimum effectiveness?

a. Sales should be the only department communicating with customers

b. Team members should be involved in communicating with customers and suppliers

c. Purchasing should be the only communicator with suppliers

d. Management should be the only communicators with customers and suppliers

Note that these examples don’t represent either the complexity or simplicity of the overall exam.

Get Started with CMRP Today

CMRP doesn’t just test your theoretical knowledge. It also tests your experience and the ability to apply maintenance theories on the shop floor.

To pass the CMRP, you need first-hand experience implementing current M&R best practices. For instance, you should be able to use the information compiled by a CMMS solution to streamline maintenance processes and improve overall efficiency.

If you’re not already using a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), consider investing in an easy-to-implement solution like MaintainX. 

MaintainX is a state-of-the-art, mobile-first CMMS solution that helps you acquire maintenance insights, improve productivity, prevent downtime, and reduce costs. In addition, of course, MaintainX will provide hands-on maintenance management to prepare you for the CMRP. 

Try MaintainX for free today.

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