Xero Integration:

Set up this integration to create an invoice in Xero that triggers automatically once a Work Order Category change is made within MaintainX. For example, adding a Work Order Category called "Invoice" can enable your team to push completed Work Orders to invoices in Xero.

Getting started is easy. Just connect your MaintainX account to your Xero account via Zapier.

Step One: Log in to your Zapier account.

zapier login

If you do not have a Zapier account, you can sign up for one free at https://zapier.com.

Step Two: Select the button "Make A Zap."

create zap

This will create a new Zapier Zap using the Zapier account you logged into in the previous step.

Step Three: Search for "MaintainX."

search for maintainx in zapier

In the search box under the "Trigger" section, search for and select "MaintainX."

Step Four: Enter your login details.

Click on the MaintainX icon. This should prompt you to connect your MaintainX account by entering your MaintainX login details. Once you have entered your user name and password, click "Continue."

Step Five: Choose trigger event from dropdown.

choose trigger

You can customize the trigger event depending on your use case. To create an invoice from a completed work order:


New Category on Work Order

Then Choose:

Category = Invoice.

Step Six: Test your trigger.

Once you get all the data you require, move on to the next stepto connect to your accounting platform.

Step Seven: Select "Action" as "Create Invoice."

Follow the instructions to ensure you get all the information you need for your invoice. This can include:

  • Time to complete

  • Hours

  • Parts

  • Company name

  • Location

  • Billing address

Or anything else you may need.

Step Eight: Test again and "Turn On" your Zap.

If everything looks to be working correctly, you can turn on your Zap.

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