What’s New at MaintainX: July 2023

July has been a milestone month at MaintainX, as we announced a new partnership with SAP that will help to deliver powerful efficiencies for enterprise manufacturers.

We also added new features—ranging from request management, to data exports, to instant messaging—to help you communicate and stay organized as a team.

Here’s what we delivered in July to empower maintenance teams, big and small.

MaintainX Download Center

New Download Center to Organize Your Data Exports

When you’re pulling data for reports, it’s easy to lose track of which file is which. And when you want to return to the same data export later, you probably find yourself going back, setting up the same filters, and triggering the export again.

MaintainX’s new Download Center saves you time by making it easier to manage data exports. Now, when you export PDFs, the export is saved to a list inside the app. From this list, you can easily access the same exports again and download them to your device.

This historical export list includes the time and date when you created the PDF, the MaintainX module it applies to, and the name of the export, to help you better manage your data. Each PDF export expires 30 days after it was created.

Emoji Reactions in MaintainX

Emoji Reactions to Streamline Communication

When work gets chaotic, there’s no time to type out messages. But it’s still important to acknowledge requests and information. Emoji reactions allow you to quickly acknowledge a message, express agreement, or convey emotion in the blink of an eye.

Emojis also help you to foster team spirit by being more expressive with one another when collaborating.

To react to instant messages and Work Order comments on the web version, just tap the Reaction button and select an emoji. On mobile, just tap and hold a message to get the option to select a reaction. It’s as easy as that! 🙌

Customizable Request Portals in MaintainX

New Customization Options for Request Portals, Meters, and more

Missing or incomplete information can make it hard to act fast and effectively to a Work Request. So, to help you get the details you need from requesters, such as photos and explanations of an issue, you can now make descriptions and attachments mandatory for Requests submitted through the Request Portal.

We’ve also made it possible to add custom fields to Meters. You can add custom text, number, date, URL, and single-select fields to enrich the information attached to each of your Meters.

And to help guide your team to provide the right information in description fields when adding Assets, Locations, Teams, Vendors, and more, you can also customize the placeholder text in the description field across all modules in MaintainX.

For now, reach out to your Account Manager to set each of these customizations.

Ongoing Improvements Powered by Customer Feedback

As always, your user experiences and feedback supported each of these updates, enhancements, and small fixes.

We appreciate all the feedback we receive. It helps us make MaintainX even more effective at helping you manage your day-to-day maintenance and operations.


How long does it take to implement MaintainX?

On average, it takes three weeks to implement one site on MaintainX. Learn more about our Implementation services here.

Is MaintainX secure?

MaintainX is compliant with security standards, including SOC 2, ISO 27001 & GDPR. It also supports Single Sign-On (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and custom permissions and roles. For more information, visit our Trust Center page.

Does MaintainX support multiple sites?

Yes, MaintainX Enterprise allows you to manage multiple plants or facilities within the same platform. You can also create customized reporting dashboards to track KPIs across multiple sites on the same screen.

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Colin Strachan

Colin Strachan is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at MaintainX, with a background in journalism and almost a decade of experience in SaaS marketing. In the past few years, he has worked with some of the world’s largest enterprises to adopt software that empowers their employees to work more effectively.

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