October 12, 2022


What’s New at MaintainX: October 2022

What’s New at MaintainX: October 2022

It’s fall, which means cooler temperatures are in the air. But here at MaintainX, we’re just heating up. 

Procedures saw several exciting updates this month, making them more dynamic than ever. And that’s not all. We have many compelling updates to share, all to help your teams be more effective in their day-to-day maintenance tasks.

Create Digital, Dynamic SOPs  

Drive continuous improvement while boosting your team’s efficiency. Our latest updates help you create SOPs that are flexible enough to fit any situation and easy enough for every technician to follow.

  • Add headers and sections to forms to guide your team through even the most complex procedures.
  • Add Conditional Logic Fields to help your team follow the right process every time, depending on the situation. 
  • Evaluate the safety, quality, and efficiency of your team with our new Procedure Scores. 

Learn more about how to turbocharge your SOPs ↗

Create a single source of information with multiple Procedures in a single Work Order 

Sometimes you need to add multiple Procedures to a Work Order. For example, you may have a single Work Order to troubleshoot equipment that’s down but use multiple Procedures to identify the root cause. Or, you need a Work Order to complete overdue preventive maintenance, and each associated task requires a distinct Procedure. 

Now, you can easily add as many Procedures as needed to any Work Order you create. This helps to ensure your team is able to complete its work efficiently. 

See how easy it is to create work orders with MaintainX ↗

Quickly find the perfect Procedure to pair with each unique asset or location

Whether it’s a single large facility with multiple assets or large-scale multi-site operations, each asset and location is unique. This can result in each asset and location having its own Procedure, such as having its own lockout tagout procedure to ensure proper safety processes are followed. 

Scroll no more! Now, when creating a Procedure, tag it with a linked Location, Asset, Category, or Team. Whenever you create a Work Order with the same tag included, the relevant Procedures will appear, allowing you to quickly select the right Procedure for the right Work Order.

Learn how Procedures can improve workplace safety ↗

With all these exciting additions, football isn’t the only excitement this season. Maybe you haven’t created a Procedure for your organization yet. Get inspired by checking out our Global Procedure Library. 

Global procedure library

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Adam Tomporowski
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