March 24, 2023


What’s New at MaintainX: March 2023

What’s New at MaintainX: March 2023

This March, we are springing forward with updates to help maintenance managers, planners, and technicians get more done with the hours they have. From new types of insights to new ways to access data on the go, we’ve got something to help every member of your team move their work forward, faster. 

Get Instant Visibility into Critical Metrics with Custom Dashboards

MaintainX Custom Dashboard
MaintainX Custom Dashboards

How much time do you spend struggling to wrestle data in your static spreadsheets, clunky maintenance software, and legacy ERP? Without an easy way to access and analyze data, it’s hard to make data-driven decisions to improve your operations.

Now with our latest update. you can build Custom Dashboards to curate and compare the insights most vital to you and your teams. For example, let’s say you want to improve asset reliability and strengthen your asset management strategy. You can drive better repair and replacement decisions by creating a dashboard that compares the cost, duration, and type of work performed on critical assets. 

Whether looking for the most effective ways to improve PM compliance, reduce equipment downtime, or save on costs, it’s easy to get the insights you need with Custom Dashboards.

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Improve Scheduling Efficiency with At-a-Glance Work Order Previews

MaintainX hovering
MaintainX At-a-Glance Work Order Previews

Last year, we introduced drag-and-drop Work Order scheduling to give supervisors a more visual way to assign the right teams to the right tasks at the right time. 

This month, we’re streamlining your scheduling experience even further. Now, you don’t have to click into a Work Order to view its details. Just hover over the Work Order to see the title, associated asset, location, and due date. Not only does this cut down on time spent scheduling work, but you can also make decisions that improve your team’s efficiency. For example, you can now see which Work Orders are assigned to a specific production line in a given week. You can reduce walking time and boost wrench time by scheduling all Work Orders on that line to be completed on the same day.

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Boost Productivity with QR-Based Access to Locations

MaintainX QR-Based Locations
MaintainX QR-Based Locations

It can be hard for technicians to find the equipment information they need when they’re on the go. That’s why our QR codes and barcodes have been popular tools for MaintainX customers to improve asset and parts inventory management. When technicians can simply scan a QR code for an Asset or Part, they can easily look up Work Orders associated with those Assets and Parts and log Work Orders on their mobile devices.  

Now, you can also create QR codes and barcodes for Locations. By doing so, your team will more easily be able to incorporate the Location where they are doing work into their daily workflows. For example, when a tech arrives for work, they can scan the Location’s QR code to start logging their work and hours to that specific Location. Even better, say a team on site wants to pull up the list of Assets and WOs performed on a location for an audit. Now, they can do that with a quick QR code scan.

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MaintainX Webinar Series

Want a closer look at our most recent updates? Join us on March 28th at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern to see how Custom Dashboards can help you drive efficiency and lower costs across your operations.

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Sherry Wu
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