January 6, 2020


December 2019 Update: 2019 Year in Review, New Features and more!

December 2019 Update: 2019 Year in Review, New Features and more!
The MaintainX product team pushes out new features, improvements and polishes several times per day.
Our Release Notes Series will highlight all the improvements we’ve launched, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new. Take a look at what we launched in December: Signature Form Blocks, Form Drag and Drop, and Multi-Org Switcher! We also have some brief reflections on 2019 and what you can look forward to in 2020 from MaintainX! Read our Year in Review post here: /2019-year-in-review/

Release Notes is our regular update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

Signature Blocks are LIVE!

You have asked us for Signature Form blocks many, many times over the past few months and we are excited to share this as part of our latest update.

Signature blocks work just like any other Form Item in our platform. Simply add a block, add any details in the title and you’re done!

Completed signature fields are stamped with the time and name of the User profile signed into the device the signature was captured on.

Procedure and Form Editing Just Got a Lot Easier!

This update makes building Procedures and Forms so much easier. If you need to reorder or add a step to a Form, you can now quickly edit a Form, add the step, then drag and drop it to the correct spot. We have made updates to both Web and Mobile apps. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Site Manager or Multiple Organizations per User

What is Site Manager?

Site Manager allows a single user to switch between multiple Organizations with a single log-in.

Site Manager was created because operational leaders at larger organizations with multiple locations, departments, and users can become overwhelmed when using a single MaintainX Organization. 

Who is Site Manager for?

Site Manager was built to service larger Enterprise customers and enable more sophisticated hierarchical structures within MaintainX.

For example, if you are the regional manager of a large organization and need to have visibility across multiple locations that operate independently, Site Manager is designed to enable that level of access and separation.

Before thinking about Site Manager or Multiple Organizations per User, for most situations in smaller to medium operations, Teams within a single Organization are ideal. 

By using Teams you can group which User Teams are responsible for which Asset, and Location and set their level of visibility while allowing Administrators to have a holistic overview of what is happening across the Organization.

Which plans can I use Site Manager on?

This feature is only available on our Enterprise plan. If you are interested in learning more or aren’t sure if Site Manager is right for your organization, feel free to reach out to our team.

What’s Next?

  • Parts/Inventory Module – This widely requested feature, Parts Inventory will allow your Organization to track usage and quantity. When Parts are assigned to a work order, they will automatically reduce the count from your Inventory. In the future, we’ll also add minimum threshold limits that will trigger a notification to re-order when supplies run low.
  • Time Tracking – Another widely requested feature, time tracking will allow users to track the exact amount of time spent on a Work Order and if multiple users work on the same Work Order, they can add the exact amount of time they each spent independently.
  • Reporting 2.0 – We are very excited to get our Reporting 2.0 update pushed live to everyone. This module will provide a much more robust overview filled with insights across Assets, Procedures, User performance and more! Stay Tuned!


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