Zapier Integration

Integrations with Zapier and MaintainX are easier than you think. Zapier is a tool that allows two companies' databases to speak to one another. Sound complicated? It's really not.

How It Works:

Choose the two systems you want to connect. For example, connect MaintainX and your accounting software using the steps below.

Step 1:

Signup for a Zapier account.

Step 2:

Search for MaintainX or for the other software you want to connect to MaintainX.

Step 3:

Define what happens next. Zapier asks you for a "trigger" and a "task" (when this happens, do this). For example, when a new Work Order is created, then send me an email. Or, when a Work Order is completed, then push hours worked to invoice in QuickBooks. It really is that easy.

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