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How it works

Team members from across your organization can submit maintenance requests through Gmail, Outlook, or other email service. The details will be routed automatically into MaintainX as a work order for your review.

STEP 1: 

Let your dedicated account representative know that you’d like to capture maintenance requests by email.


A MaintainX integration consultant will configure the integration and provide you with an email address that’s specific to your company. Your IT team will need to set up a filter or rule that automatically forwards all maintenance request emails to this email address.

Most customers develop a standardized subject line format and then create the filter/rule, for example: Forward all emails with the words “Maintenance Request” in the subject line.

STEP 3: 

Set up the email filter/rule based on your standardized format. Then select a priority level for all maintenance request emails: None, Low, Medium, or High.

STEP 4: 

Test the integration with your team. Emails will be routed to MaintainX as follows: 

  • Email subject line = Work order title
  • Body of email and sender = Work order description
  • Priority level = None, Low, Medium, or High that you selected during the integration process

Additional mapping to assets in MaintainX can be configured upon request. Let your teams know that the standardized subject line (and any other templatized information that you require) must be used every time they submit a maintenance request by email.

STEP 5: 

Your email and MaintainX are now in sync. The maintenance department can start receiving work requests directly in MaintainX as work orders and take action as needed.

  • Must have an email service, such as Gmail or Outlook.
  • Must automatically forward all maintenance request emails to an email address provided by MaintainX.
  • Must have MaintainX's Premium or Enterprise Plan.


Can we review/assess the maintenance request after it is submitted by email?

Yes, you can review and approve or decline the request in MaintainX. If the request is approved, you can assign it to a team or a specific technician and monitor the progress from start to finish. You can also adjust the priority level as needed.

Can I automatically route these requests to a specific team in MaintainX?

Yes, MaintainX’s Request Routing feature improves response times by allowing requests to be assigned to specific teams. You can learn more about this feature here.

Does every requester need a MaintainX account in order to submit a maintenance request by email?

No, requesters do not need a MaintainX account. They only need access to your preferred email service, such as Gmail or Outlook.

This integration supports connections with Gmail, Outlook or any other email service provider you use.
Never miss a maintenance request with this easy email integration.
Team members from across your organization can submit maintenance requests through Gmail, Outlook, or other email service providers.
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