Avoid DOWNTIME: Write Standard Operating Procedures

October 20, 2020 in Standard Operating Procedures

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Write Standard Operating Procedures to drive maximum efficiency on the manufacturing floor, in the restaurant, across the school campus, in the warehouse, and in the fleet. 

Preventive SOP maintenance includes business processes that match industry standards and quality assurance plans.

Digitize your preventive maintenance checklists, predictive maintenance checklists, and planned maintenance with CMMS solutions. 

Preventive Maintenance
Standard Operating Procedures

Avoid Downtime With SOPs

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) improve processes by removing redundancies. SOP should manage how a company performs repetitive tasks to achieve desired outcomes and financial goals. 

Build and implement SOP and regulatory checklists to ensure your operations are consistent across your company.

SOP avoid process shut-downs caused by equipment failure, missed preventive maintenance schedules, and lost work orders. Online SOP reduce the period of time team members need to get the job done. 

Digital step-by-step instructions provide the information in one place, with images, product manual pdfs, and cost tracking.

Six Sigma and Lean processes, popular in building large-scale companies, create efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance
Standard Operating Procedures
Quality Management


Six Sigma was first adopted by Motorola and General Electric

Lean (also known as Kaizen) is commonly associated with Toyota Production Services (TPS). 

According to Lean (also known as Kaizen), there are 8 types of waste to get rid of when writing an SOP that will maximize efficiency and reduce DOWNTIME. Write Standard Operating Procedures to avoid these unnecessary types of waste

  • Defects
  • Overproduction
  • Waiting
  • Non-utilized talent
  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Excess Processing 

Write and revise your company Standard Operating Procedures to eliminate DOWNTIME. 

Use online industry dashboards to monitor the success and failures of SOP. Customized digital reports can track your team’s monthly time-on-task, reactive maintenance costs, and asset downtime. 

Preventive Maintenance
Standard Operating Procedures
Quality assurance
Reactive Maintenance

CMMS Streamlines Maintenance

The best CMMS powerfully streamline maintenance processes, reduce costs, and provide at-your-fingertips digital information about what is being done when and what is working. 

No more wondering what needs to be done or who needs to do it. Operation managers and teams will receive real-time updates for preventive maintenance, reactive maintenance, standard scheduled maintenance, and inspection. Using a standardized operational engine has never been easier. 

MaintainX helps you track your work orders, reactive maintenance plans, and preventive maintenance and controls the daily operations of your business.

Manage safety inspections, site walkthroughs, quality inspections, OSHA inspections, and operating checklists. All in one easy-to-use app for your team. SOP for preventive maintenance plans include integrating management systems for a piece of equipment, an expensive asset, and inventory checklists.Manage your Maintenance and Operations without the paper stacks. MaintainX puts at your fingertips what your company, school, restaurant requires to get the job done and to do it right.

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