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Improve OEE, reduce downtime, manage safety and quality inspections - all with one simple to use platform.

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MaintainX helps industrial leaders in 3 major ways

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Coordinating Work

Reduce non-productive time by empowering your frontline teams with job and process information on the go. Access to internal specialists who can remotely help is one tap away. Knowing what to do and how to do it has never been easier.

Cross-Location Communication

Employees need to communicate, collaborate, and keep management in the loop to ensure input and corrective actions can be provided when it matters the most.

Compliance and Reporting

Connecting frontline teams empowers operational leaders with the real-time data needed to measure and continuously improve productivity. Our digital audit trail streamlines complex regulatory procedures while providing an unprecedented level of centralized transparency across your organization.

How Our Connected Worker Platform Will Help Your Organization

Preventive Maintenance / Asset Management

Improve OEE, cut equipment purchases, and reduce downtime with our Preventive Maintenance functionality. Our user-friendly interface empowers your knowledge workers to implement action plans without any coding knowledge. Workers can instantly access previous work performed on an asset, asset manuals, and other important details to optimize workflows.

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Reactive Maintenance

Reduce operational costs and downtime by creating real-time work requests that help keep everyone on the same page. Our collaboration functionality empowers frontline workers to get the help they need, wherever they are in the field. Problems can be identified efficiently with photo sharing and solutions can be shared instantly with corrective procedures and actions.  Having the right information at their fingertips, when needed, makes for more timely, and accurate decision making

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Quality, Safety, and Training

Streamline safety and quality inspections and create corrective actions. Our versatile procedure library provides visibility and insights to help improve safety, regulatory, and quality standards across your organization. Collect and analyze data, standardize inspections, send reports and identify failed areas. Our digital audit trail helps provide management with the tools necessary to ensure organization-wide compliance.

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Standard Operating Procedures

Digitize global standard operating procedures and reduce waste and rework. Manage your procedures from a master source, identify inefficiencies, and deploy updates globally within seconds. MaintainX enables organizations of all sizes to be on the same page at all times and continuously improve operational efficiency.

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A Modern Preventative Maintenance Software

Easily create repeating work orders on a schedule

Use MaintainX to schedule, prioritize, and organize work orders based on time intervals of your choosing. Create daily, 3x/week, 1st Monday of each month, and more - the options are limitless!

Your Procedures, Your Checklists, Your Way

Create forms and checklists for locations, assets, inspections, and routine safety checks. Apply them to any work order whether they repeat on a calendar or on a runtime basis.

Audit Trails For Every Action

Act with certainty. Every action taken in MaintainX is time stamped so you can trust the data and hold your team accountable.

Asset Reports have never been easier

Admins can pull reports on any Asset, User, Type of Asset, Category or more with ease. Spend less time building reports and make faster decisions.

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How Western's Smokehouse Increases On-Time Delivery with MaintainX


Maintenance and Operations Software that Empowers Managers and their Team

Maintenance Managers

Never forget another preventive maintenance routine or lose track of another work order. Less downtime = better operational efficiency.

Operations Managers

Use MaintainX to automate quality and production checklists. Create Standard Operating Procedures across your team to reduce mistakes and keep your operations moving.

Safety Managers

Automate inspections, audits, and walkthroughs. It has never been easier to keep track of all of your inspections and incident reports. Our digital audit trail helps ensure compliance across the board.

What Customers Say About MaintainX

Our team was impressed that MaintainX was implemented and being used in less than one week. It is very easy to use, has increased team efficiency, and reduced downtime. Our maintenance operations have dramatically improved since we started using MaintainX

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Rob L.
Operations Leader, Phillystran

We were trying to manage 140 pieces of equipment across seven locations using spreadsheets, emails and text messages and that just wasn’t getting it done. MaintainX is the perfect tool to prevent issues from falling between the cracks

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Larry E.
Franchise Owner, Subway

Maintenance and Operations without the paper stacks!

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