Flume Water and MaintainX


  • Track your water use with 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Find leaks fast and trigger necessary repairs to reduce waste
  • Equip maintenance teams with accurate data so they can take decisive action
  • Prevent downtime and unnecessary costs by scheduling preventative inspections or service
Key features
  • Capture water consumption data in real time with Flume Water Monitors, including detailed breakdowns by site or machine
  • Automatically sync Flume Water data to meters in MaintainX
  • Trigger work requests or work orders in MaintainX based on established thresholds
  • Keep a pulse on your meter readings and maintenance work with robust dashboards and reports

How it works

Synchronize Flume Water Monitors with MaintainX to proactively track water use and reduce waste. You can monitor consumption readings in real time, and automatically trigger critical maintenance activities based on established thresholds.


Connect with your dedicated account representative to understand your existing workflows and objectives for integrating MaintainX and Flume Water.


Identify members of your team that will be part of the integration process — such as members of your Operations and IT teams.


A MaintainX integration consultant will configure the integration, including adding necessary custom fields and mapping Flume Water to MaintainX.


Test the integration with your team. Start developing internal training material to set your users up for success.


MaintainX and Flume Water are now in sync. Your maintenance team has the data and automation they need to improve efficiency and keep your equipment running.

  • Must have Flume Water Monitors and a Business Solutions plan.
  • Must have MaintainX’s Enterprise plan.


How can maintenance work be triggered from data collected by Flume Water Monitors?

Work requests or work orders can be triggered directly from the MaintainX Meters module, and you’ll have the ability to customize your own meter triggers.

How frequently can data be sent between Flume Water and MaintainX?

Data can be sent as quickly as every 10 seconds; however, most clients configure the integration to send data every hour or every day.

Flume Water
Flume Water uses real-time data monitoring to collect and understand how water is used. Their in-depth analysis utilizes a network of high-resolution sensors that are already deployed throughout the nation.
Save water and money by integrating MaintainX and Flume Water
Monitor water usage in real-time to reduce water usage and costs for your business.
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