Maintenance Worker Job Description (Use Our Template)

Is your team looking to hire a maintenance worker? In this post, we lay out a maintenance worker job description that you can modify to meet your needs. Just copy and paste the section below into your own document.

Maintenance technicians are the foundation of nearly every type of facility on the planet. From warehouses to schools to hotels, organizations rely on workers to keep facility equipment working as intended. One of the most common maintenance roles is that of a general maintenance technician.

General maintenance workers must feel confident performing preventive maintenance, reactive maintenance, and emergency repairs on various assets. Depending on your location, finding a “jack of all trades” might feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

The key to attracting suitable candidates? Post a clear, concise, and descriptive advertisement, of course!

“To take your business to the next level, you need candidates with the right skills, experience and interests. A clear, concise and inclusive job description will help you stand out amongst competitors and self-select suitable candidates.”

Maintenance Worker Job Description

Do you have previous experience in a maintenance role? Are you comfortable using various hand tools, reading manufacturer’s manuals, and following standard operating procedures?

If so, you might be the ideal candidate for a maintenance technician position. We’re looking for an experienced, agile, and trustworthy maintenance team member who is ready to hit the ground running with minimal handholding.

If this description sounds like you, keep reading!

Job Summary

The general maintenance worker is responsible for performing maintenance and repairs on facility plumbing, electric, heating and cooling, and other building systems. They should feel confident prioritizing assigned work orders, documenting completed tasks, and coordinating with maintenance management to reduce downtime.


  • Strong problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong time-management skills.
  • Solid understanding of building utility systems.
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision.
  • General knowledge of carpentry and repair.
  • General knowledge of maintenance methods.
  • Ability to take apart machines to replace defective parts.
  • Experience working with common appliances, parts, and tools.
  • Ability to prioritize workloads critical to operations.
  • Familiarity with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.


  • Inspects assets according to preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Identifies unforeseen issues that require repairs.
  • Performs basic repairs that do not require specialized technicians. Examples may include painting, repairing fixtures, and fixing basic building system breakdowns.
  • Performs routine maintenance on building systems.
  • Assists with the general upkeep of facilities.
  • Tracks, orders, and restocks supplies needed for O&M.

Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent required.
  • Related experience preferred.
  • On-the-job training offered.

Physical Requirements

  • Climb ladders and crawl into small spaces.
  • Stand/walk for long periods.
  • Lift as much as 50 pounds at a time.

Interested applicants should send a resume to {hiring manager name} at {email address}. We would like to fill the position ASAP.

Thank you!

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