What Is CAFM Software?

July 1, 2022

CAFM is an acronym for “computer-aided facility management.” Property managers have difficult jobs covering a range of responsibilities. To help adequately manage these responsibilities, many turn to CAFM software programs. 

In this post, we’ll discuss what you need to know about CAFM software, the types of facilities that should consider it, and how it can help streamline efficiency and productivity in your facility. 

CAFM Software: What You Need to Know

Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) helps streamline facility management in commercial or multi-residential properties. CAFM technology works to integrate in real-time more than just facility maintenance–like physical asset inventory–but also the administrative side of facility management. 

When a robust CAFM software package is properly integrated and used as part of a property management and maintenance strategy, it can serve as a one-stop resource for all maintenance management.

What Facilities Should Use CAFM Software?

If you run a facility with some complexity requiring streamlined organization, a CAFM solution is probably right for you. When implemented and used to its fullest, it can keep a property running more efficiently and on budget. In addition to maintenance management, key features of CAFM software can include:

  • Space management and floor plans
  • Leasing, real estate, and property management
  • Project management
  • Asset management
  • Energy performance and energy consumption analysis
  • Vendor management
  • Incident tracking

“Companies that track emerging trends and invest in the right organizational capabilities will be well positioned to reduce costs and increase the impact of their facilities management spending.”


Key Benefits of CAFM Software

The benefits of CAFM implementation and proper usage include:

Continuous Improvement

Maintenance can be tracked with CAFM software, which can help property managers reduce unplanned downtime and better determine potential threats on the property. Studies show that a safe workforce is a much more productive workforce.

Staying on Budget

Whether it’s property rental or leasing or simply working to optimize space or a facility’s energy performance, CAFM systems can help assess costs and increase cost savings. 

Maintenance Management

CAFM management tools can help property managers proactively schedule maintenance on equipment or machinery to avoid business interruption and costly unplanned downtime. Preventive maintenance work orders extend the useful life of equipment and avoid premature replacement.

Efficiency improvements

CAFM-aided facility management software integrates with HVAC systems, lights, door locks, and other equipment. After hours, properties can save money by managing the HVAC system, powering down equipment, and ensuring that the lights are turned off on the property.

How to Institute a CAFM Strategy

The first step to instituting a CAFM software strategy is deciding on a program that works best for you and your facility. Other types of software perform similar tasks, such as CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems), and EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) software. This software serves a similar role, so it’s essential to determine what type of program would work best for you.

After you decide on a program type and a software vendor, make a list of what you want to track and then integrate it into the system. After that, it comes down to committing to using it. Tracking the items you want to track is essential for highly positive results.

Try MaintainX

There are many benefits of using a robust CAFM software program. Contact MantainX to learn more about the full potential of our user-friendly maintenance management system.

Caroline Eisner
Caroline Eisner
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