Machine Metrics & MaintainX

With MachineMetrics' MaintainX integration, real-time machine condition data automatically triggers critical maintenance activities in the CMMS system, enabling customers to more quickly and effectively address machine issues, reduce downtime, and improve machine health.

Automated Work Requests/Work Orders: Automatically detect when a machine requires maintenance based on machine condition data and create a work request or work order in the CMMS. Benefits:

- Decrease the time it takes for maintenance personnel to be alerted and respond to machine maintenance issues

- Ensure maintenance receives comprehensive, accurate machine data to improve their ability to perform maintenance activities

- Streamline communications on the shop floor

- Reduce the machine's overall downtime

Automated Meter Updating: Automatically update the meter within the CMMS with accurate machine data and trigger the creation of corresponding work requests or work orders. Benefits:

- Increase the accuracy of meter-based maintenance scheduling

- Prevent over-or under-maintenance

- Increase overall machine health



Connect with your dedicated Account Executive to understand your existing workflow and align on how MaintainX can support them with Machine Metrics.


Create the integration flow from Machine Metrics to fire off work orders through our MaintainX API into MaintainX when they are created or updated in Machine Metrics.


Set up triggers to create and update work orders and data entries in Machine Metrics when they are altered in MaintainX.


Test the integration with your team.


Welcome to a better way to work. MaintainX and Machine Metrics are now in sync, so work orders in both systems will be updated automatically.


Must have a valid subscription with Machine Metrics.

Must have MaintainX's Premium Plan.

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