and MaintainX


  • Save time spent on manual data entry in MaintainX and Grainger
  • Easily track costs related to ordering parts
  • Order the most-used parts and keep your inventory lean
  • Avoid emergency shipping costs by placing orders based on low inventory levels
Key features
  • Monitor your parts inventory and get alerts when stocks run low
  • Automate re-orders to keep critical parts on the shelf
  • Push purchase orders directly to Grainger so your order can be fulfilled
  • Track the status from start to finish in both MaintainX and Grainger

How it works


Connect with your dedicated account representative to understand your existing workflows and objectives for integrating MaintainX and Grainger.


Identify members of your team that will be part of testing and implementing this integration — such as members of your Operations, Finance, and IT teams.


A MaintainX integration consultant will add necessary custom fields, and map MaintainX purchase order fields to Grainger fields.


Test the integration with your team. Start developing internal training material to set your users up for success.


MaintainX and Grainger are now in sync. You can keep critical parts on the shelf with this time-saving integration.

  • Must have an account with Grainger.
  • Must have MaintainX's Premium or Enterprise Plan.


Where do I find information and specifications for Grainger products?

Product information, specifications, buying guides, and more are available on the Grainger website (grainger.com).

Grainger provides products in categories such as safety, material handling, and metalworking, along with services like inventory management and technical support.
Sync your POs between MaintainX and Grainger
Automatically synchronize purchase orders from MaintainX to Grainger to streamline your procurement process.
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