Got Mobile CMMS? Move Your Maintenance into the Cloud

July 10, 2020 in Industry 4.0

Got Mobile CMMS? Move Your Maintenance into the Cloud
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These days there’s a lot of talk about leadership. We hear about empowering employees, being transparent, and leading through change. Mobile CMMS apps are the start to your journey.

There’s no doubt that being a great leader leads to great companies. But it’s not just about being a leader. Especially these days, in the midst of shutdowns, slowdowns, and uncertainty, it’s about the systems great leaders put into place. Systems that are cost-effective, make sense across connected workforces, and can productively go with the flow.

And there’s no doubt that for these systems to work, leaders need employee buy-in. With buy-in, the right system leads to growth, efficiency, and effectiveness. A modern computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is one of these systems.

Move Your Maintenance into a Mobile CMMS

In today’s market, leaders of asset-intensive companies can integrate systems that track, manage, and assess the reliability of their assets. Modern CMMS software tracks work requests and spare parts. This kind of work order management empowers maintenance teams to help their companies become more efficient and effective and to grow.

With a modern CMMS system, owners and managers can make informed decisions about maintenance tasks and maintenance costs directly from their mobile devices.

CMMS Reporting

Modern CMMS products maintain a database (system) of these integrated systems, centralizing maintenance operations of a company (maintenance management) in one place. Work orders, preventive maintenance, supply chain information–are all available in real-time. The best also includes connected worker functionality like SOPs and Messaging. Databases have never been more accessible! Complete CMMS data literally at your fingertips, anywhere you bring your handheld.

Managed maintenance software reduces costs by organizing workflows and providing status on each asset and work request. 

CMMS and EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) implementation provides a critical connection to make sure workers have the information they need when they need it. This includes work management, which centrally manages planned and unplanned work activities, from initial request through completion of tasks. 

Once implemented, maintenance management software empowers and enables mobile workers out in the field with a mobile app. Now, these connected workforces can easily report in real-time completed standard operating procedures and preventive maintenance work orders, update inventory management checklists, and communicate with managers from the spot of the work.

Worker using CMMS on tablet

Modern CMMS, like MaintainX, can provide the following capabilities: 

  • Generate and prioritize work orders
  • Tracks equipment and other assets
  • Monitor scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities
  • Track Work Order History by Asset, Location, User, and Category
  • Store information from all technical procedures or documentation of every component
  • Store maintenance procedures and component warranty information 
  • Create real-time reports of ongoing job activities and maintenance data
  • Generate preventive maintenance standard operating procedures
  • Track resource, budget, and labor costs for every Asset
  • Record time spent completing work orders
  • Support automated inventory control 

When a company switches from a reactive to a preventive maintenance model, supply-chain planning is more efficient. Modern CMMS solutions provide instant snapshots of inventory levels at any time.

Strong leadership translated into improved maintenance operations with fewer surprises for your workers. 

Strong leadership means that each day employees will have a real-time sense of their workloads—and managers can rebalance work requests quickly.

With a modern cloud-based CMMS, digging up paperwork and scanning spreadsheets is no longer part of the workday. Managers can simply generate a report with the data they need for an audit.

With employees coming and going, CMMS systems provide the structure to ensure consistency over time, no matter who is doing the work. Diagrams, guides, and photos embedded in work orders enable proper execution.

Streamlining all of your asset information, work orders, and historical data into one system improves productivity, extends the life of your assets, and improves the bottom line. Plus, providing mobile capabilities to field service resources allows for real-time tracking of both work in progress and completed tasks.

Technician using CMMS

A modern Computerized Maintenance Management system supports improved reliability and performance.

For many companies, reducing these hidden maintenance costs requires a shift from the traditional reactive approach (“fix it when it breaks”) to a proactive preventive-maintenance and predictive maintenance approach. For such a shift to be sustainable, leaders need to put into place several key elements:

  • Clear strategy,
  • Policies to support strategy,
  • Procedures and processes to enable implementation of strategy and policies,
  • Tools to support implementation, and
  • Well-established maintenance standard operating procedures, preventive maintenance work orders, regulatory and work-completion checklists, and clear communication.
Man holding mobile CMMS app

Strong leadership rolls out these key elements to support the effective use of modern CMMS. A well-implemented CMMS/EAM system is an essential value-add tools to building a creative, productive, and profitable connected workforce

Get Your Modern Mobile CMMS App

These days, strong leaders know that implementing a modern CMMS will cut downtime, increase efficiencies company-wide, and increase profit margins. Facility managers, maintenance managers, and operational leaders benefit tremendously. A well-structured, mobile maintenance strategy, like a CMMS, is a necessary, proactive approach. 

Check out MaintainX to see how easy it can be to lead your company into the future. The freemium app is available for download on both iOS and Android. 

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