How Southeast Power Launched a Successful PM Program with MaintainX

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“Organized chaos”—that’s how Southeast Power Fleet Manager Brent Tomamichel described his experience upon joining the company in early 2019. Much to his surprise, Southeast Power didn’t have fleet preventive maintenance (PM) programs, standard operating procedures (SOPs), or operational systems in place. Furthermore, the team relied on scattered emails, voicemails, and text messages to communicate time-sensitive information. Tomamichel said that when he wasn’t “putting out fires,” he was constantly on guard for fear of missing important project details.


Southeast Power’s fleet division now runs like a smooth-running machine. Tomamichel used MaintainX to catalog more than 1K assets, launch a PM program (including more than 6K work orders to date), develop SOPs, and centralize employee communications. The computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) also helped Southeast Power’s field and road technicians become more self-sufficient. Instead of calling Tomamichel with questions, the workers now have access on their pocketed mobile devices to the equipments’ historical data to make informed maintenance decisions and Tomamichel now has more time to focus on fine-tuning O&M processes to increase efficiency.

”MaintainX is very easy to use. The cloud-based CMMS software has been a life-saver. It has improved communication between shifts and reduced downtime. After one year of use, we are now creating predictive maintenance work orders.” -Brent Tomamichel, Fleet Manager


➔ “Organized chaos”—Implementing fleet preventive maintenance (PM) programs, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and operational systems for the first time.

➔ Streamline communication between multiple in-house teams. They previously relied on fragmented communication across emails, voicemails, text messages, and two-way radio.


Tomamichel experimented with several different CMMS platforms before realizing what he wanted: a mobile app powerful enough to reveal data-driven O&M insights but easy enough for workers to navigate without training.

  • Recurring Work Orders

  • Asset Management

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Parts/Inventory

  • Vendors

  • Team Messaging

Spotlight on the Customer

Southeast Power Corporation is a full-service electric power contractor that manages power substations, transmission and distribution lines, storm restoration, drilled pier foundations, and fiber-optic cable systems. Southeast Power partners with utility companies, fiber-optic cable manufacturers, and engineering firms in need of extra support to meet customer demand. The company boasts a rich history; its predecessor, Mamba Engineering Company, counted Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World’s Epcot, and NASA as clients in early years.

How Southeast Power Launched a Successful PM Program with MaintainX

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