April 26, 2023


Top 9 Benefits of Healthcare Facility Management Software

Top 9 Benefits of Healthcare Facility Management Software

This post explores the top 9 benefits of implementing healthcare facility management software.

The best Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) provide cloud-based digital solutions for hospital facility management, ensuring consistency and accuracy in maintaining equipment and facilities. Undeniably, with safety and patient wellbeing at the forefront, healthcare facilities require robust management systems to maintain their physical infrastructure and resources effectively.

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Top 9 Benefits of Healthcare Facility Management Software

1. Improved Operational Efficiency

CMMS software automates facility processes and workflows, saving time spent on maintenance scheduling, inventory tracking, and report generation. As a result, this enhanced operational efficiency leads to better resource utilization, reduced costs, and improved patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Facility Management Software
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2. Enhanced Patient Safety

CMMS healthcare solutions play a critical role in monitoring equipment, identifying hazards, and scheduling preventive maintenance. Consequently, managers and teams can receive notifications and alerts for reactive and emergency maintenance. Furthermore, with MaintainX, this proactive approach ensures facilities are in good working condition, increasing patient safety and satisfaction.

3. Increased Maintenance Productivity

By automating routine tasks, hospital facility management software helps improve productivity, allowing staff to focus on more critical tasks like patient care. Not surprisingly, this leads to better resource utilization, improved staff morale, and increased patient satisfaction. The primary function of MaintainX’s work order management software is the automation of recurring preventive maintenance (PM) work orders.

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Not only does MaintainX provide healthcare and hospital maintenance technicians with standard operating procedures, but it also encourages greater organizational transparency. For example, medical facility managers can quickly check MaintainX to determine who completed what task and when. 

“Many facility teams are understaffed yet are responsible for covering large campuses or buildings. Experienced team members may be on the verge of retirement, so fears of losing institutional knowledge are very real. Having building information available via mobile devices versus searching through plan rooms or hard drives, makes perfect sense.”

Facility Executive

4. Improved Maintenance Data Analysis and Reporting

CMMS software tracks maintenance, inventory, and compliance data, providing detailed reports and analytics to help healthcare facility administrators and managers make informed decisions. MaintainX’s robust KPI and metric reporting, with customizable dashboards, highlights maintenance operations and asset tracking insights to streamline work scheduling and inventory management.

Healthcare Facility Maintenance 
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5. Reduced Equipment Downtime and Maintenance Costs

MaintainX is asset management software that helps reduce equipment downtime and increase asset lifecycles by scheduling preventive maintenance and identifying potential issues before they occur. Furthermore, this approach optimizes maintenance schedules, reducing repair costs and minimizing costly unplanned equipment downtime.

6. Improved Compliance with Healthcare Regulations

Healthcare CMMS software helps organizations comply with regulations through inspection standard operating procedures, tracking compliance requirements, and generating reports for regulatory inspections and audits. In fact, using a CMMS to improve compliance can: 

  • reduce failed inspections
  • improve patient safety
  • provide audit trails
  • increase patient satisfaction
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7. Increased Facility Maintenance Accountability

MaintainX helps healthcare facility management teams allocate tasks and maintain digital trails of completed tasks, approvals, and reported warnings, ensuring accountability in the event of equipment failure or workplace issues.

Additionally, CMMS maintenance data can be used when submitting maintenance requests and verifying regulatory compliance

8. Increased Maintenance Readiness

Healthcare computerized maintenance management system tools reduce downtime and streamline asset management by tracking equipment status and scheduling preventative maintenance work orders. MaintainX also offers QR and barcode scanning, allowing maintenance teams to access equipment maintenance histories on-site and from locations.

 Healthcare Facility Management Software
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9. Improved Maintenance Employee Onboarding

CMMS solutions enable organization-wide access to SOPs, checklists, digitized equipment manuals, photographs, and asset history. With MaintainX on mobile devices, new employees can familiarize themselves with workplace processes to ensure consistent procedures.

“Smart hospitals make extensive use of innovative technologies to improve care quality and patient experience while reducing costs.”


Choosing the Best Healthcare Facility Management Software

Subsequently, to choose the CMMS that best fits the needs of your healthcare facility, we encourage you to also prioritize these features:

Healthcare Facility Maintenance 
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Get MaintainX to Enhance Your Healthcare Facility Maintenance 

MaintainX is the ideal maintenance management software for healthcare industry facilities, offering real-time, in-app messaging; 4000+ integrations with ERPs; unlimited work orders; and asset tracking. In addition, with SOC 2 Compliance Renewal and ISO 27001 Certification, MaintainX prioritizes protecting customer information and data privacy. 

Also, MaintainX’s mobile app is designed for smartphone and mobile devices. In fact, we are the only management solution that handles maintenance, operations, inventory, safety, and training with in-app messaging and a global procedure library. 

Find out why healthcare organizations are streamlining operations with MaintainX. Try MaintainX’s basic plan for free and experience the difference in managing your healthcare facility maintenance program and operations.

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