Beyond the Hype: Practical AI Applications for Maintenance Teams

Organizations stand on top of a mountain of data, but tapping into and using that data is a challenge of equal heights. AI is often turned to as a solution, but many companies similarly need help integrating it into their daily decisions and workflows. That's why scaling AI, including machine learning use cases, to generate value is a top priority for 78% of executives across industries (Bain & Co).

At MaintainX, we're committed to making AI work for maintenance teams. Building on our previous announcements of AI-powered products, we're excited to unveil three new product enhancements that harness the power of AI to transform your maintenance workflows.

1. Enhanced Anomaly Detection: Proactive maintenance, better data

MaintainX Anomaly Detection

Our first release of Anomaly Detection used AI to safeguard data entered and surface irregular values in recurring work orders (WOs). Today, the AI-powered Anomaly Detection extends beyond recurring work orders to include non-recurring work orders and manual meter readings. This means fewer human errors, more accurate data, and the ability to proactively identify potential failures before they escalate into major problems.

2. Smart Time Estimates: Accurate planning, increased productivity

Smart Time Estimates

Introducing Smart Time Estimates – an AI-powered feature that leverages your historical data to provide precise time estimates for work orders. Accurate planning leads to better resource allocation, reduced overtime, and increased productivity.

3. Resource Planning enhancements: Optimize workloads, streamline collaboration

Finally, this release brings a set of comprehensive improvements to Resource Planning that builds upon our initial release. These enhanced tools give you a comprehensive view of your team's workload, making it easier to balance tasks, track progress, and ensure that everyone stays on schedule. New features include:

Mobile-friendly weekly workload view for technicians

Weekly Workload View

Review and reschedule incomplete work orders

Reschedule Incomplete Work Orders

Multi-day scheduling for complex tasks

Multi-day Scheduling

Consolidated view for team members with multiple jobs

Flexible rescheduling options

The MaintainX advantage: AI that works for you

These improvements enable maintenance managers to adapt to shifting work demands without leaving workforce hours unused, ensuring all work gets done. Shop-floor technicians can easily view upcoming tasks, keeping everyone informed and prepared. Planners can efficiently schedule large jobs, track and reschedule uncompleted work orders, and ensure facility-floor technicians stay updated, simplifying scheduling and enhancing team communication.

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Andrew Benjamin

Andrew Benjamin is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at MaintainX with nearly a decade of experience marketing SaaS products. Of late, he’s guided organizations through digital transformation initiatives, and enabled them to harness actionable insights from their data using AI & ML models.

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