Modern CMMS Across Industries: A Guide to New Age Tools

July 28, 2020 in Industry 4.0

Modern CMMS Across Industries: A Guide to New Age Tools
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Most operational leaders are familiar with the idea of a CMMS. As with most technologies over the past 20 years, a lot has changed and modern CMMS systems are changing the operational world.

A computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS, is software that centralizes maintenance information and facilitates maintenance operations. The core of a CMMS is its database.  Computerized Maintenance Management software can help organize work management and physical assets and jobs. In short, a maintenance program.

In this new era of mobile and cloud technologies, more opportunities than ever exist to collect and analyze information about assets and work requests to fine-tune performance. Opportunities have also emerged with data entry into these systems evolving as well. 

Across industries, companies need to centrally manage planned and unplanned work activities, from initial work orders requests and standard operating procedures to completing and recording maintenance procedures.

CMMS in warehouse

Modern CMMS Across Industries

With modern CMMS now on their mobile devices, deskless workers can accomplish more in the field in real-time: from reading meters to capturing electronic signatures to using barcodes and uploading photos to track, manage, and maintain assets.

We can now create a digital twin of your assets in the cloud. Modern systems offer cloud-based real-time dashboards, checklists, and centralized databases of work order completion, standard operating procedures and regulatory compliance, supply-chain management, and worker efficiencies.

With a modern CMMS system, there is no wasted time spent digging up paperwork, scanning spreadsheets, and tracking work orders. Create managed maintenance dashboards to keep track of employee efficiency and to eliminate machine downtime. Maintenance strategies and asset management have never been easier.

With employee turnover, software provides the structure to ensure consistency across maintenance tasks over time, no matter who is doing the work. Diagrams, guides, and photos embedded in work orders enable proper execution and better work order management. Drag and drop procedure creation makes it simple for leadership to make changes themselves.

Streamlining all of your asset information, work orders, and historical data into one system improves productivity, extends the life of your assets, saves time, and improves the bottom line. Mobile data entry is the secret to taking maintenance work efficiency to the next level. 

CMMS work order

Modern CMMS solutions help your business reduce costs associated with maintenance by organizing workflows and giving insight into the status of each asset. This ultimately improves the bottom line of your organization by providing insights into resource allocation beyond paper.

The right combination of features can streamline work processes for increased productivity.

CMMS Software Capabilities

CMMS systems can automate most of the logistic operations performed by maintenance management and their team. They replace the tedious and conventional manual maintenance tracking process. With companies offering all sorts of cloud-based solutions, be sure to choose a CMMS that:

  • Tracks resource, budget, and labor costs for every component
  • Creates real-time reports of ongoing job activities
  • Generates regulatory compliance checklists 
  • Supports inventory management 
  • Keeps track of all unscheduled and scheduled maintenance activities
  • Tracks and filters historical records of completed work orders 
  • Stores information from technical procedures and documentation of assets 
  • Offers time and cost tracking functionality by work order

Industries Benefit from CMMS 

Industries can benefit from connecting workforces and providing deskless workers with the tools and customized reports they need to feel empowered and engaged. The following are just a few of the industries that benefit from CMMS.

The best modern CMMS software can assist technicians and managers alike to perform their daily ongoing tasks more efficiently by providing real-time data on their assets.


Using modern CMMS, manufacturing companies and manufacturing plants can standardize preventive maintenance processes and quality assurance plans across teams, facilities, and functions. From the way a new piece of equipment runs to how a manager audits performance, repeatable processes can always be made more efficient with digitized standard operating procedures and work orders. CMMS is fast becoming crucial to achieving efficiency on the line, uniform performance of both machines and workers, products that meet quality controls, and state and federal regulatory compliance measures.

Machine downtime is a common issue for production lines, manufacturing maintenance teams, and plant managers. There is no easy way to overcome this. However, downtime is variable, and reducing your mean-time-to-repair is a reasonable goal. Modern CMMS software systems provide preventative maintenance functions, optimized spare parts inventory levels, improved scheduling and planning, and measurable regulatory compliance. 


Digitized school facility maintenance plans can focus on campus day-to-day operations and long-range school management priorities. Campus preventive maintenance activities and tasks mean much more than just fixing broken equipment for faculty and students. A well-managed modern CMMS provides evidence that school facilities are, and will be, cared for according to quality assurance plans and regulations. 

Universities, college campuses, and schools need to adhere to and comply with many strict regulations and rules. The benefits are actually many for example: ensuring preventive maintenance, faster response time, improved workflow management, improved asset tracking & reporting, better communication, and improved performance.


Augmenting the customer’s experience is the biggest priority in the hotel industry. Facility managers in this industry strive their best to ensure that their equipment and facilities are up and running smoothly round the clock. CMMS can benefit the hospitality industry with a managed daily inflow of tasks, improved asset tracking, improved response time, minimal equipment downtime, lower maintenance costs, etc. Hotel maintenance management requires the ability to generate work orders and schedule preventive maintenance.


Modern CMMS reduces the time owners and managers need to spend on inefficiencies. Completed checklists provide proof of good service, cleanliness, meal preparation, and preventive maintenance of kitchen appliances. 

Digital SOP and work orders reduce the time spent on training and reduce reactive maintenance. Standard Operating Procedures prepare staff for OSHA and food regulatory compliance inspections. 

Warehousing and Facilities Management 

In warehousing and facilities management, modern CMMS combines supply-chain processes and technology to increase efficiency and productivity and helps manage efficient warehouse processes by managing inventory and storage information throughout operations. 

Owners and managers can remotely monitor warehouse quality assurance plans, safety rules, and industry compliance regulations. Automating warehouse work orders and standard operating procedures gives managers accurate, real-time information at their fingertips.

In today’s age, the facility and maintenance managers can’t keep track of all phone calls, e-mails, and spreadsheets manually. CMMS software is the ultimate solution to handle these problems easily. 

CMMS in factory

A recent PWC 4.0 Industry study noted that “Companies need to think about how they can connect their workers with the equipment, information, and processes they handle on a daily basis.”

Check us out at MaintainX to see how the best modern CMMS can get you there.

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