The Team

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Chris Turlica
Co-Founder & CEO

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Hugo Dozois-C
Co-Founder & CTO

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Mathieu Marengère-Gosselin
Co-Founder & Lead Software Engineer

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Nick Haase
Co-Founder & GTM

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Maxime Poulin
Operations & Infrastructure Manager

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Michael Ferris
Senior Software Engineer

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Wesley Kimble

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Andris Kivuls

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Martin Grogan
Software Engineer

About Us

Nearly 100% of Operations Still Rely on Paper Forms in 2019

We noticed that traditional business software is made for desktop computers while more than 80% of the workforce performs most of their work away from their desk.
Our San Francisco based team is dedicated to bringing your business easy-to-use, mobile-first software. Whether you run a single restaurant, a chain of hotels or a 500+ person manufacturing facility - our customers are becoming increasingly efficient each and every day they use our product.