Cleaver Brooks Electric Boiler - HSB 750-137 Annually Maintenance


Cleaver Brooks Electric Boiler - HSB 750-137 Annually Maintenance

    Element Replacement Procedure

    Warning: Before element replacement, lockout and disconnect the main power. Also, before element replacement, make certain the boiler is cooled to an ambient temperature before draining below the element opening. Failure to heed this warning could result

    Replacement of Individual Elements

    FIGURE 4-2. Heating Elements

    NOTE: To assist in breaking free the gasket, insert one of the flange bolts into the tapped hole provided.

    NOTE: Since the elements often differ in length, check to assure that there is an adequate clearance (3/4” min.) between the end of the element and the opposite side vessel wall. Check by measuring both the element extension (from flange to tip) and the d

Source: Cleaver Brooks

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