Cleaver Brooks Blowdown Heat Recovery 750-235 Miantenance


Cleaver Brooks Blowdown Heat Recovery 750-235 Miantenance

    CAUTION: Properly maintain and adjust the Proportional Control Valve so it will proportion makeup to blowdown –to stop overheating of make-up. Overheated make-up results in (a) severe shell-side scaling of the Heat Exchanger and Proportional Control Valve

    A proper preventative maintenance program includes yearly overhauling and cleaning of the Exchanger and Proportional Control Valve. Failure to do so can result in scaling equipment beyond salvaging. Replacement of the diaphragm every two years or sooner a

    Disassembly And Reassembly Close blowdown and makeup water valves before disassembly

    Proportional Control Valve

    Except for replacement of the diaphragm, the above procedure is not routine maintenance.

    Heat Exchanger. Shellside scaling is typically the cause of any required maintenance. Descaling may be chemical and in-place – by circulating inhibited acid through the shellside.

    Operator should contact water treating chemical for appropriate descaling procedures, agents and apparatus.

    Disassemble the exchanger

    If the shellside is severely scaled:

    Reassemble in opposite fashion.

    Overhaul And Repair/General Cleaning

    Proportional Control Valves

    Heat Exchangers

    Make visual examination for suspected leaks in an assembled exchanger as follows:

    Repair minor leaks by one or more of the following actions:

    Note: Flow control valves are intentionally installed backwards. This arrangement provides greater valve life and does not affect performance.

Source: Cleaver Brooks

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