DeWalt | Brushless Cordless Compact 13 mm (1/2") Drill/Driver DCD796 - Regular Maintenance

Use this checklist for your DeWalt tools. Maintenance checklists are proven to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary issues.

DeWalt | Brushless Cordless Compact 13 mm (1/2") Drill/Driver DCD796 - Regular Maintenance

Use this checklist for your DeWalt tools. Maintenance checklists are proven to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary issues.


    Your DeWALT power tool has been designed to operate over a long period of time with a minimum of maintenance. Continuous satisfactory operation depends upon proper tool care and regular cleaning

      WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal injury, turn tool off and disconnect battery pack before making any adjustments or removing/installing attachments or accessories. An accidental start-up can cause injury

        The charger and battery pack are not serviceable.


          Your power tool requires no additional lubrication.


            WARNING: Blow dirt and dust out of the main housing with dry air as often as dirt is seen collecting in and around the air vents. Wear approved eye protection and approved dust mask when performing this procedure.

              WARNING: Never use solvents or other harsh chemicals for cleaning the non-metallic parts of the tool. These chemicals may weaken the materials used in these parts. Use a cloth dampened only with water and mild soap. Never let any liquid get inside the tool; never immerse any part of the tool into a liquid.


                WARNING: Shock hazard. Disconnect the charger from the AC outlet before cleaning. Dirt and grease may be removed from the exterior of the charger using a cloth or soft non-metallic brush. Do not use water or any cleaning solutions.

                  Optional Accessories

                  WARNING: Since accessories, other than those offered by DeWALT, have not been tested with this product, use of such accessories with this tool could be hazardous. To reduce the risk of injury, only DeWALT recommended accessories should be used with this product

                    Consult your dealer for further information on the appropriate accessories

                      Protecting the Environment

                      Separate collection. This product must not be disposed of with normal household waste

                        Should you find one day that your DeWALT product needs replacement, or if it is of no further use to you, do not dispose of it with household waste. Make this product available for separate collection.

                          Separate collection of used products and packaging allows materials to be recycled and used again. Re-use of recycled materials helps prevent environmental pollution and reduces the demand for raw materials.

                            Local regulations may provide for separate collection of electrical products from the household, at municipal waste sites or by the retailer when you purchase a new product.

                              DeWALT provides a facility for the collection and recycling of DeWALT products once they have reached the end of their working life. To take advantage of this service please return your product to any authorised repair agent who will collect them on our behalf.

                                You can check the location of your nearest authorised repair agent by contacting your local DeWALT office at the address indicated in this manual. Alternatively, a list of authorised DeWALT repair agents and full details of our after-sales service and contacts are available on the Internet at:

                                  Rechargeable Battery Pack

                                  This long life battery pack must be recharged when it fails to produce sufficient power on jobs which were easily done before. At the end of its technical life, discard it with due care for our environment:

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