Heating element replacement -vacuum sealer (Amerivac)

How to replace heating element on an Amerivac sealer
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Heating element replacement -vacuum sealer (Amerivac)

How to replace heating element on an Amerivac sealer


    1. Remove nuts located on the top of the pressure bar and remove bar.

    2. Remove the air pressure to the Vacuum Sealer.

    3. Push the Nozzle inside the Nozzle Enclosure.

    4. Lower the Cylinder rods on each sides.

    • vacsealerheatingelement.PNG

    5. Remove 11⁄2” Teflon that covers the old Heating Element.

    6. Remove thumb nuts and washers from both sides. Remove Heating Element.

    7. Remove 1⁄2” Teflon that was under the Heating Element.

    Replacement of heating element

    1. Remove backing on new 1⁄2” Teflon. Center over the 1⁄2” wide aluminum flat bar and press to adhere. NOTE: Leave an extra 1⁄2” of Teflon tape extending past each end of the aluminum flat bar to avoid electrical grounding with the Heating Element.

    2. Place one washer on each post. Install the new Heating Element over the right (spring) side element post first, folded side of element downward. Position the Heating Element on top of the 1⁄2” flat bar, add another washer and firmly hand tighten the right side with a Thumb nut. Do not use tools.

    3. Press the (right) element post assembly inward. You can use a large flat screwdriver to hold it in the compressed position

    4. Install the Heating Element over the left hand post, add a washer and firmly tighten the finger nut BEFORE releasing assembly on the right hand side (or both sides if 30” or larger sealer). AGAIN: KEEP THE ELEMENT WITHOUT TENSION FOR THIS STEP - THE LAST STEP IS LETTING THE SPRING SIDE(S) LOOSE. NOT DOING SO WILL RESULT IN A SHORT LIFE ELEMENT BREAKING ON THE LEFT SIDE POST

    5. Remove both backings from 11⁄2” Teflon Cover. Center Teflon so that the non-adhesive middle part covers the Heating Element. Smooth out on each side so adhesive sets on the chassis.

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