JLG BOOM LIFTS EC520AJ: Function Check

Use this checklist to help prevent potential safety issues that could be caused by malfunctioning or damaged equipment. Things like hydraulic failure, stability issues, and other issues that can increase the risk of a tip-over or other safety incident.

JLG BOOM LIFTS EC520AJ: Function Check

    Function Check

    Prior to performing the function check, verify the battery disconnect on the side of the frame works properly.

    Perform the Function Check as follows:

    From the ground control console with no load in the platform:

    From the platform control console:

    With the platform in the stowed position:

    Place the machine in Transport Mode. Ensure machine is positioned in a smooth, firm surface and drive machine with boom elevated beyond 8 horizontal. Ensure drive speed is reduced while operating.

      Skyguard Funtion Test

      From the Platform Console in an area free from obstructions:

      Activate the Skyguard Sensor:

      Once the sensor has been activated, verify the following conditions:

      Note: If a Skyguard is enabled with the Soft Touch system, functions will cut out instead of reversing.

      Note: On machines equipped with Skyline, reattach magnetic end of the cable to the bracket.

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