Daily LP Forklift Inspection

Use this guideline for the beginning of day Inspection
Koba Corp

Daily LP Forklift Inspection

Use this guideline for the beginning of day Inspection

    Walk Around

    Perform while walking around unit, careful of your surroundings, not in right of ways or driveways.

    any spots on ground or wet hoses

    tight and clamped (Push clip if supplied)

    Check Fork Thickness, no large nicks, no holes drilled

    overhead rack is non damaged and secure, mast head-board is secure and non damaged, no major damage on counter-weight

    non missing chunks, (psi is correct if pneumatic/ AKA Soft Tire)

    Sitting Down/ Key On

    Perform sitting in unit with key on, engine off, seat belt on

    Hour Meter

    Specification chart, weight information, serial number, model, make, must be present

    perform one honk

    Brake lights, Spot Lights, warning lights, backup lights, turn signals

    Engine Running/ Moving

    Perfom inspection while running and moving, check area before performing this section

    confirm supplied and locks in, confirm alarm functions if supplied

    Apply parking break, place transmission in drive, slowly give throttle, if moves take out of service. Confirm Parking break siren alerts when not applied and in gear or exited

    Slowly drive forward and apply breaks

    While foot on brakes, place transmission lever into reverse

    moved forklift in each direction confirming no slippage and proper movement

    tight and turns to full stop each way

    confirm no warning lights on

Source: Koba Corp (Community Member)

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