Cleaver Brooks Boiler Feed System 750-180 Maintenance


Cleaver Brooks Boiler Feed System 750-180 Maintenance

    Cleaver-Brooks Boiler Feed Units are designed to give long, trouble free service, if installed and operated under suitable conditions and given proper care.

    However, in time, it may become necessary to service or replace certain parts of the unit to maintain its peak performance. In this event, the following procedures should be followed.


    Refer to the pump instruction sheets for complete maintenance instructions.

    If it becomes necessary to remove the pump:


    The only maintenance required by the motor is periodic lubrication, which should be done in accordance with the motor manufacturer's instructions.

    If repairs are needed, refer to the nearest authorized service station or the motor.

    To remove the motor from the unit:

    Suction Strainer

    If the boiler water is maintained in proper condition, the strainer will require little if any maintenance. However, it should be inspected occasionally to be sure the screen is not plugged up with scale or other foreign material.

    Depending on the individual installation, it may be necessary to clean the strainer screen every month, or only once or twice per year. After a few times, experience will indicate how often it should be cleaned.

    To remove the screen for inspection or cleaning:

    Makeup Valve

    Ordering Repair Parts

Source: Cleaver Brooks

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