SQF Fundamentals Checklist: Intermediate Level for Manufacturing


SQF Fundamentals Checklist: Intermediate Level for Manufacturing

    SQF Fundamentals Checklist: Intermediate Level for Manufacturing

    The purpose of the SQF Fundamentals Code checklist is to assist suppliers in performing internal audits and/or gap assessments to the SQF Fundamentals for Manufacturing, Basic Edition 1 and with the organization, implementation, maintenance and audits of SQF Systems designed using the SQF Fundamentals Code. The relevant Code version number is identified in the document header. Terms used in these documents are defined in Appendix 2: Glossary found in the SQF Fundamentals for Manufacturing - Basic Edition 1

    This checklist is intended assist and support the SQF Fundamentals Code, but does not replace it. It is not an auditable document, nor is it definitive and applicable in every situation. Sites are required to understand the food safety risks in a given industry sector and are able to apply the SQF Fundamentals Code to effectively control those risks. It is recommended that the SQF Guidance Documents be used in conjunction with this document.

    Layout of the SQF Code

    The SQF Fundamentals for Manufacturing, Basic Edition 1 consists of two parts and three appendices. Part A contains the criteria for implementing and maintaining the SQF Fundamentals for Manufacturing - Basic Edition 1. Part B, the heart of the SQF Fundamentals Code, is made up of modules. Within each module are clauses or elements, which the site must implement as their SQF System.

    In module 2, the clauses encompass the system elements. Each element outlines where procedures need to be documented, where record keeping is required or where actions must be taken. Module 11 is the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements applicable to various food industry sectors. Sites must meet the requirements of the module or modules applicable to their food industry sector.

    The three appendices in the SQF Fundamentals Code provide additional information needed to implement an SQF System:

    o Appendix 1: Food Sector Categories

    o Appendix 2: Glossary

    o Appendix 3: SQF Logo Rules of Use

    Section 2. Introduction to this Checklist

    2.1 Scope of the Checklist

    This checklist covers the requirements of all the modules in SQF Fundamentals for Manufacturing – Basic, Edition 1. All sites seeking certification to the SQF Fundamentals for Manufacturing – Basic, Edition 1 must document, implement and maintain the system elements of module 2 plus the food safety fundamentals defined in the Module 11 based on the facility’s food sector category (ies) (FSCs).

    2.2 Summary Table

    In the beginning of this document, a summary table is provided for suppliers who conduct open and closing meetings during the internal audit. Only one summary table is needed for each type of facility audit (including internal audit, gap assessment, official certification, re-certification or surveillance audit):

    Audit Statement

  • Opening Meeting

  • Opening Meeting Evidence

  • Closing Meeting

  • Closing Meeting Evidence

  • Facility Description

  • Facility Description Evidence

  • Auditor Recommendation

  • 2.3 Format of the Code Checklist

  • The following section explains the elements and sub-elements of the SQF Fundamentals for Manufacturing – Basic, Edition 1 and provides guidance on what the site needs to do to develop; document and implement a SQF System at this level, and provides information on what the auditor may be looking for to confirm compliance.

  • The following format is used throughout:

  • Element: Sub-element number and name.

  • Description: This section describes what the SQF Fundamentals for Manufacturing, Basic element requires. This is the text from the SQF Fundamentals Code, and is the auditable standard. Where there is disagreement between the text of the SQF Fundamentals for Manufacturing – Basic, Edition 1 and the guidance, the SQF Fundamentals for Manufacturing – Basic, Edition 1 in English prevails.

  • Primary Response: This section is for sites to check the primary response for each element.

  • Evidence: This section is provided for the site to write down evidence observed for each element during the audit.

  • Element Summary

  • All section summaries are to be completed by the auditor irrespective of whether or not a non-conformity has been identified within that section. Section summaries must clearly indicate:

  • I. Company Information

  • Company Name

  • Company #

  • Address 1

  • Address 2

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Code

  • Country

  • Phone #

  • SQF Practitioner

  • Email

  • Food Sector Categories

  • Modules Audited

  • Certified Products

  • II. Audit Schedule

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • Scope of Certification

  • III. Certification Decision

  • Audit Score

  • Audit Rating

  • I. Non-Conformities

  • Element

  • Description

  • Primary Response

  • Evidence

  • II. Root Cause Analysis

  • Element

  • Description

  • Primary Response

  • Root Cause

  • III. Corrective Actions

  • Clause

  • Primary Response

  • Corrective Action (Supplier)

  • Required Completion Date

  • Close Out

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