SQF Checklist: Quality - Edition 9


SQF Checklist: Quality - Edition 9

    2.1 Management Commitment

    2.1.1 Management Responsibility Senior site management shall prepare and implement a policy statement that outlines the site’s commitment to quality and includes at a minimum: Senior site management shall implement, maintain, and continuously improve the quality culture within the site that ensures at a minimum: Senior site management shall designate an SQF quality practitioner for each site with responsibility and authority to: The SQF quality practitioner shall: Senior site management shall develop and implement a quality communication program to ensure all staff:

    2.1.2 Management Review Senior site management shall be responsible for reviewing the performance of the SQF Quality System. Reviews shall include actions required to:

    2.1.3 Complaint Management The methods and responsibilities for the complaint management process shall be documented and implemented. They shall include:

    2.2 Document Control and Records

    2.2.1 Quality Management System Electronic and/or hard copy documentation that outlines the methods and procedures the site shall use to meet the requirements of the SQF Quality Code shall be current and maintained. It shall be made available to staff and include:

    2.2.2 Document Control

    2.2.3 Records

    2.3 Specifications, Formulations, Realization, and Supplier Approval

    2.3.1 Product Formulation and Realization

    2.3.2 Specifications (Raw Material, Packaging, Finished Product, and Services)

    2.3.3 Contract Manufacturers The site shall:

    2.3.4 Approved Supplier Program Material suppliers shall be selected and approved based on their ability to supply materials that meet quality specifications. The evaluation program shall require suppliers to:

    2.4 Food Quality System

    2.4.1 Customer Requirements The methods and responsibilities for managing customer requirements and/or consumer expectations shall be documented and implemented. They shall include at a minimum:

    2.4.2 Quality Fundamentals

    2.4.3 Food Quality Plan

    2.4.4 Product Sampling, Inspection, and Analysis

    2.4.5 Non-conforming Product or Equipment

    2.4.6 Product Rework

    2.4.7 Product Release

    2.5 Quality System Verification

    2.5.1 Validation and Effectiveness

    2.5.2 Verification Activities

    2.5.3 Corrective and Preventative Action

    2.5.4 Internal Audits

    2.6 Product Identification, Traceability, Withdrawal, Recall, and Crisis Management

    2.6.1 Product Identification and Traceability

    2.6.2 Product Withdrawal and Recall

    2.6.3 Crisis Management

    2.7 Food Fraud

    2.7.1 Food Fraud

    2.8 Identity Preserved Foods

    2.8.1 General Requirements for Identity Preserved Foods The processing of identity preserved foods shall be conducted under controlled conditions such that:

    2.9 Training

    2.9.1 Training Requirements

    2.9.2 Training Program The employee training program shall include the necessary competencies for specific duties and the training methods to be applied for those staff carrying out tasks associated with: The employee training program shall include: Training records shall be maintained and include:

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