SQF Checklist: Primary Animal Production - Edition 9


SQF Checklist: Primary Animal Production - Edition 9

    5.1 Site Requirements

    5.1.1 Property Location The farm and facilities shall have a risk assessment conducted to evaluate and document the risk to animal production due to prior land use, adjacent land use, and other environmental factors including structures and equipment. Consideration shall be given to the following:

    5.2 Yards, Buildings, Storage, and Equipment

    5.2.1 Pens, Yards, and Housing Pens, yards, and other open areas where livestock are housed shall be designed, located, constructed, and maintained so as to minimize stress, injury, or disease and have minimal impact on the surrounding area and natural resources. The following shall be included: The design, location, and construction of intensive housing system shall be fit for purpose and protect the animals in expected extremes of climate. The housing and design shall include the following: Laneways, races, entrances, exits, and loading/unloading ramps shall be designed, constructed, and maintained to:

    5.2.2 Storage of Agricultural Chemicals, Manure, and Toxic Substances Chemical storage locations shall: The site shall dispose of chemical waste and empty containers in accordance with regulatory requirements and ensure that:

    5.2.3 Farm Machinery, Animal Health/Feed Handling Equipment, and Utensils The methods and responsibilities to ensure that farm machinery, equipment, vehicles, tools, utensils, forage harvest containers, storage tanks, and other items or materials used in farming operations do not pose a risk to animal product safety shall be documented and implemented. Procedures ensure that these items are:

    5.3 Farm Maintenance, Cleaning, and Pest/Animal Control

    5.3.1 Equipment Maintenance and Calibration

    5.3.2 Pest Prevention The pest prevention program shall:

    5.3.3 Animal Control

    5.3.4 Cleaning The cleaning of animal housing, pens, yards, lairages, feed contact equipment, animal health equipment, and sanitary facilities shall be documented and implemented. Cleaning procedures and schedules shall include:

    5.4 Personal Hygiene

    5.4.1 Personnel Practices A documented and implemented procedure for personal hygiene and personnel practices shall ensure that personnel engaged in the handling of livestock and feedstuffs use appropriate personal hygiene practices. The procedure shall include provisions for:

    5.4.2 Sanitary Facilities and Handwashing Toilet facilities shall be provided and designed, constructed, and located in a manner that minimizes the potential risk for product contamination. Personnel shall have clean hands and hands shall be washed by all personnel:

    5.4.3 Protective Clothing

    5.4.4 Visitors

    5.4.5 Personnel Food, Drink, and Personal Storage

    5.5 Field and Animal Husbandry Practices and Transport

    5.5.1 Field and Animal Husbandry Practices and Transport The methods and responsibilities for the care, handling, and management of livestock shall be documented and implemented. It shall ensure: The methods and responsibility for loading, transport, and unloading of livestock and/or animal products to ensure that product integrity is maintained shall be documented and implemented. Training and supervised employee practices shall include:

    5.6 Water Management

    5.6.1 Water Systems

    5.6.2 Water Treatment

    5.6.3 Water Management Plan A water management plan describing the methods and responsibilities for managing the different types and uses of water at the farm shall be documented and implemented. The plan shall include:

    Control measures may include: Water used for livestock production, mixing feeds, cleaning feed and veterinary equipment, mixing sanitizer solutions, and handwashing shall be monitored to ensure it complies with potable water microbiological and chemical standards or criteria established in the country of production and destination. The monitoring procedures shall include:

    5.7 Medications, Animal Feeds, and Agricultural Chemicals

    5.7.1 Purchasing Chemicals

    5.7.2 Animal Medicines and Feed The methods and responsibilities outlining the use of a vaccine or medication for a target disease shall be documented and implemented (i.e., animal health plan). The plan shall include: The methods and responsibilities to maintain the safety and integrity of all animal feed, whether purchased, or produced on-site, shall be documented and implemented (i.e., feed management plan). The plan shall include:

    5.7.3 Agricultural Chemicals A spray or crop protection program indicating the applications used for a target pest or disease and the threshold levels that initiate application shall be documented and implemented. Records of all chemical applications shall include: The person making decisions on chemical application shall:

    5.8 Waste Disposal

    5.8.1 Waste Handling and Disposal

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