Marijuana Retailer Inspection Checklist

This checklist will help marijuana retailers keep their products and business at a great quality

Marijuana Retailer Inspection Checklist

This checklist will help marijuana retailers keep their products and business at a great quality


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    Premises Street Address & ZIP

    Date & Time

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    Approved Security Waiver?

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    Include Security Plan & attach copy to inspection

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    Approved for home delivery?

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    Approved to sell medical-grade marijuana items?

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    License Action

    OK In compliance, all requirements for this item are met NC Non-compliant, needs correction (notes required) NA Non-applicable W Approved waiver on file. Inspector must also indicate “OK” or “NC” for compliance with alternative


      Premises sketch and floor plans match physical location

      There is a designated consumer sales areas on the licensed premises


      Entire premises is enclosed on all sides by permanent walls and doors.

      Marijuana items are accessible only by employees and not consumers until the sale has been completed.

      Doors to indoor areas secured by non-residential, commercial-grade locks.

      All marijuana items (except for immature marijuana plants) are kept in a locked, secured location or enclosures within any areas such that marijuana items are not visible from any area outside the licensed premises during all non-operating hours.


      Ability to notify law enforcement or a security company upon any unauthorized entry.

      If “OK” check at least one:


      Recording equipment in designated, locked, and secured room or other enclosure such as a security cabinet or locker.

      Includes DVR or network recorder, cameras, monitors, digital archiving devices, interface devices, and printer

      Can print a still photograph from any camera image.

      Applicant/Licensee/Representative receives notice within one hour of camera disconnection, power disconnection, or other surveillance failure.

      Recording continues when the system is disconnected from primary power. Battery provides one hour of recording time for all required cameras.

      Applicant/Licensee/Representative can demonstrate access to recorded footage

      All cameras record at 1280 X 720 px or better resolution and 10 fps

      Accurate date and time stamp embedded on video without obscuring image

      All cameras continuously record, 24 hours a day.

      Licensee has kept a minimum of 90 calendar days of surveillance recordings on-site. (For pre-licensing and change of ownership inspections, remind the applicant of the requirement and select “OK”)

      Licensee has kept a minimum of 30 days of off-site backup recordings stored off-site in real time of the surveillance room/area.

      All cameras are capable of recording in the absence of visible light.


      All points of ingress and egress to or from limited access areas.

      All point(s) of sale and consumer sales areas are visible on camera and individuals can be identified in those areas.

      All limited access areas, including all areas where mature plants, harvested plants, or finished product will be present at any time.

      All surveillance area(s) or surveillance room(s) and individuals accessing it are clearly identifiable upon entry/exit and clearly visible when accessing the equipment.

      All areas where marijuana waste is required to be stored, destroyed, or rendered unusable.

      Cameras are placed to capture clear and certain images of any individual and activity occurring within 15’ both inside and outside of all points of ingress and egress to and from the licensed premises and in all locations within limited access areas.


      Alarm system covers all points of egress/ingress from premises, including entrance to property if any portion of the premises in unenclosed

      Alarm system capable of detecting unauthorized entry onto any portion of the premises via contact alarms, motion detection, or other method

      Alarm system capable of detecting unauthorized entry into any area where mature plants, or curing/processing/finished products are present.

      Alarm system notifies authorized personnel in event of unauthorized entry into the areas described in -1420.


      The following signs are posted in a prominent place

      The following signs are posted in a prominent place


      For Pre-Licensing & Change of Ownership Inspections Only: Applicant/Representative provided a current list of required logs and postings

      • Yes
      • No
      • N / A

      For Pre-Licensing & Change of Ownership Inspections Only: All notifications on the following page were explained and the applicant/representative was provided an opportunity to ask questions.

      • Yes
      • No
      • N / A



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