LV 2018 ^ 60,000km Service

This PM inspects the following: Engine oil, Engine oil filter, Fuel filter, Air filter, Air con filters, and Grease
Brisbane Diesel

LV 2018 ^ 60,000km Service

This PM inspects the following: Engine oil, Engine oil filter, Fuel filter, Air filter, Air con filters, and Grease


    Remove & inspect belly plates

    Drain engine oil

    Replace engine oil filter

    Fit sump plug and Refill engine oil (start and correct level)

    Lubricate propeller shaft

    Replace fuel filter

    Replace Air filter

    Replace cabin (A/C) filter



    Check engine oil for leakage and contamination

    Check engine idle speed and acceleration

    Check fan belt tension and belt condition

    Check exhaust system

    Check all engine bay hoses and piping for leakage, cracks and or corrosion

    Check fuel hoses

    Check engine coolant glycol levels

    Check cooling system for leakage and level

    Check coolers/radiator for damage and or blockage (clean if required)


    Check clutch pedal travel and play (adjust if required/applicable))


    Check manual transmission oil & leakage

    Check 4WD transfer case oil and leakage

    Check gear selector for play or looseness

    Check Auto trans fluid level and for leaks


    Check propeller shaft for loose connections

    Check propeller shaft uni joints and splines for wear

    Grease drive shaft


    Check front axle rubber boots for damage

    Check rear axle case for distortion and or damage


    Check steering wheel for looseness and or damage

    Check steering wheel for play

    Check steering function

    Check wheel alignment

    Check steering joint ball for oil leakage or damage


    Check brake and clutch fluid

    Check brake system for fluid leaks

    Check brake function

    Check front pads and discs and report wear

    Check rear pads and discs and report wear

    Check brake pedal travel and play

    Check brake piping and hoses for damage

    Check park brake function (adjust if required)


    Check leaf and coils for damage

    Check suspension mounts

    Check shock absorbers

    Check rubber bushes

    Grease suspension if required


    Check wheel discs for damage

    Check hub bearings for looseness

    Check and adjust tyre pressure


    Check other nuts and bolts on chassis

    Check all lights

    Check seat belts for function and condition

    Check wipers and washers

    Fill washer bottle

Source: Brisbane Diesel (Community Member)

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