Excavator service (D) 2000hr (major) (11t or up)

-Cabin filters -Wiper blades -Sample kit -Engine oil & filter -Fuel filter -Fuel separator -Outer air filter -Inner air filter -Swing box oil -PTO oil -Damper case oil -Pilot filter -HP screen (if applicable) -Hydraulic return filter & plate o-ring -Suction screen -Final drive oil -Grease -Fan belts -Rocker cover seal
Brisbane Diesel

Excavator service (D) 2000hr (major) (11t or up)

-Cabin filters -Wiper blades -Sample kit -Engine oil & filter -Fuel filter -Fuel separator -Outer air filter -Inner air filter -Swing box oil -PTO oil -Damper case oil -Pilot filter -HP screen (if applicable) -Hydraulic return filter & plate o-ring -Suction screen -Final drive oil -Grease -Fan belts -Rocker cover seal



    Change cabin filter(s)

    Fill washer bottle

    Change wiper blades

    Change engine oil & filter

    Clean crankcase breather

    Change fuel filter (s)

    Change fuel separator

    Change outer air filter

    Change inner air filter (if applicable)

    Clean swing box breathers

    Change swing box oil

    Change PTO oil (if applicable)

    Change damper case oil (if applicable)

    Change pilot filter

    Change hydraulic HP filter(S) (if applicable)

    Change hydraulic return filter (if applicable)

    Change/clean suction screen (if applicable) and replace plate O-rings

    Change final drive oil

    Grease machine & change out any no receptive nipples

    Adjust track tension

    Change fan belts

    Replace rocker cover seal

    Perform valve lash adjustment


    Check mirrors

    Check door seals

    Check rubber floor mats

    Check travel levers

    Check operator seat condition

    Check seat belt function

    Check windows for cracks / stone chips

    Check hood lining

    Check arm rests

    Check A/C louvers

    Check AM/FM radio

    Check UHF radios

    Check display screen for faults & reset service intervals

    Start machine and test e-stops

    Check joystick neutral position

    Test lockout lever function

    Function test all operations and test for boom creep

    Check Air conditioning functions

    Check quick hitch function

    Check rotating beacon

    Check auto idle function

    Check light function

    Roll boom out to service position & shut down

    Complete movement checks on boom joints


    Check attachment G.E.T condition and report

    Check attachments for cracks

    Check quick hitch hoses

    Check quick hitch for cracks

    Check stick(dipper) for cracks

    Check hydraulic all hoses/tubes

    Check all hydraulic cylinders for leaks and rod damage

    Check dozer blade condition

    Check for leaks on dozer blade cylinders

    Check condition of cylinder covers (if applicable)


    Check for panel damage and report

    Check and lubricate door hinges and struts

    Check electrical harnesses

    Remove battery terminals, clean and apply protectant

    Check battery voltage and load test

    Check for leaks in hydraulic cabinets

    Check belly guards

    Check handrail condition and report

    Check counter weight bolts in place and tight

    Check coolant level

    Check hydraulic oil level

    Check ROPS / FOPS

    Check covers on upper structure

    Check intake system clamps and hoses and mounting

    Check exhaust clamps tubes and mounting

    Check fuel hoses for rubbing

    Check engine / pump mount condition

    Check guards around fan

    Clean coolers out

    Check all hosing

    Check extinguishers (in date and has pressure)

    Check control solenoid valves for leaks and rubbing on harnesses


    Remove slew belly plate and inspect centre joint for leaks

    Remove travel motor guards and clean out cavities

    Inspect hoses from upper structure

    Inspect LH sprocket condition for scalloping

    Inspect LH track assembly and report condition

    Inspect LH idler condition

    Inspect LH load rollers

    Inspect LH carrier rollers

    Inspect RH sprocket condition for scalloping

    Inspect RH track assembly and report condition

    Inspect RH idler condition

    Inspect RH load rollers

    Inspect RH carrier rollers

    Check track frames for cracks

    Install cover plates


    Fill out sample slips and post

    Clean up oil trays

    Run up machine and get to operating temperature and check over machine

    Record labour

    Fill out service sticker fit to window

Source: Brisbane Diesel (Community Member)

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