FM CFC inspection

Use this inspection checklist for the Monthly CFC inspection performed by Facility Manager.
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FM CFC inspection

Use this inspection checklist for the Monthly CFC inspection performed by Facility Manager.
Procedure Max Score: 365

    Grounds and Parking

    Grounds-Irrigation System

    Planters and plants

    Trees trimmed and disease free

    Condition of mulch beds, flowers and shrubs

    Grass well maintained , free of weeds

    Trash containers and cigarette urns

    Sidewalks and curbs condition

    Condition of parking lot pavement

    Condition of parking blocks

    Line striping

    Parking and exit signage

    Outdoor lighting, coverage and working

    Water catch basins and grates

    Fence condition

    Retaining walls

    Dumpster and dumpster area

    Flag and pole

    Drive -up exterior

    Drive-up window

    ATM machine condition

    Drive-through canopy condition

    Curbing condition

    Bollards condition

    Marketing material and ATM signage condition

    Exterior facade

    General cleanliness

    Entrance doors condition

    Overhang canopy

    Paint/ brick/ metal

    Glass windows condition

    Mullions condition

    Air grills, louvers, hatches



    General cleanliness

    Flooring, carpet and tile condition


    Ceilings condition

    Paint and wall covering


    Furniture condition

    Marketing signage

    Floor mats

    Fire extinguishers

    HVAC vents

    Video displays

    Interior windows


    Break room

    General cleanliness

    Flooring, carpet and tile

    Walls condition


    Sink/ cabinets



    Appliances condition

    Plumbing condition


    General cleanliness

    Flooring/ VCT/ tile

    Walls condition



    Fixtures (faucets, sinks, toilets, urinals, etc.)

    Exhaust condition

    Soap and paper supply

    Storage rooms

    General cleanliness



    Stock level

    Electrical closets and utility rooms

    General cleanliness


    Safety issues

    Panel condition

    Time clocks

    3' clear space in front of panels


    Door hardware (closers and hinges) condition

Source: GTE Financial (Community Member)

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