MV & HV truck, tippers & prime mover (F) 60,000km

-Cabin filters -Widow wipers -Sample kit -Engine oil & filter -Fuel filter -Fuel separator -Outer air filter -Transmission filter & oil -Diff oil -Diff & transmission breathers -Grease
Brisbane Diesel

MV & HV truck, tippers & prime mover (F) 60,000km

-Cabin filters -Widow wipers -Sample kit -Engine oil & filter -Fuel filter -Fuel separator -Outer air filter -Transmission filter & oil -Diff oil -Diff & transmission breathers -Grease



    Change cabin filter

    Change engine oil & filter

    Clean crankcase breather

    Clean crankcase breather

    Change fuel filter (s)

    Change fuel separator

    Change outer air filter

    Clean/change transmission breather

    Change transmission oil and filter

    Clean/change differential breather

    Change differential oil

    Grease king pins

    Grease susspension bushes

    Grease steering linkages

    Grease drive shaft and center joints

    Grease slack adjusters

    Grease any AUX system point


    Check windscreen and window condition

    Check window winder operation

    Check mirrors and electric function

    Check seat foam and condition

    Check seat belts

    Check seat suspension

    Check wiper/washer function

    Check Pedal rubbers & floor mats

    Check AM/FM radio

    Check instrument cluster function

    Check gear selector & park brake

    Check horn function


    Check for oil, fuel, cooling leaks

    Check fuel line condition and chafing

    Clean banjo screens on fuel system

    Prime fuel system

    Check intake plumbing integrity

    Check Exhaust system integrity

    Check engine mount condition

    check pulleys, belts and tensioners

    check guarding in tact

    Inspect engine harness condition & security

    Check battery condition and charge rate


    Check water pump bearing

    Check fan/viscos condition

    Check radiator hoses and clamps

    Check and clean radiator core

    Pressure test system and check for leaks

    Check overflow bottle

    Check radiator mounts


    Check electrical harness to transmission

    Check transmission mount integrity

    Check for transmission leaks

    Check uni-joints for movement

    Check center bearing for movement

    Check differential(s) for leaks

    Check differential(s) mount bolts

    Check wheel bearings for movement

    Check suspension bushes for movement

    Check steering linkages for movement

    Check suspension spring deflection

    Check tyre tread condition

    Check tyre inflation levels and adjust

    Check wheel nut tension

    Adjust clutch bite

    Adjust brakes

    Record brake lining thickness and report


    Check add blue system if applicable

    Inspect air system for leaks

    Drain air system

    Check any AUX system components

    Check suizie coils

    Check turntable and grease

    Check lights and lenses condition

    Check cabin mounts and hinges and tilt lock mechanism

    Check all panels for damage and report

    Check fuel/add blue/hydraulic tank mounts

    Check PTO system operation if applicable

    Check chassis for rust, cracks or twists

    DPF slow manual regen if applicable

    Check tow hitch and plugs

    Check any hydraulic cylinders

    Reset service intervals on dash

    Fill out service sticker

Source: Brisbane Diesel (Community Member)

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